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This wasn't the first time comedian Chelsea Handler made us laugh for a good cause, but it may have been the messiest. Handler, who is co-hosting the fifth annual Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 24 in New York City's Central Park, released a video showing fans one of the many ways to earn tickets to the show. Tickets to this year's fest—which features performances by Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Selena Gomez—are free, and can only be earned by taking action. One way to obtain points, as Handler demonstrates in the video (below), is to encourage discussion of world hunger at next May's G7 summit in Sicily, Italy, by tweeting a photo of yourself eating dinner to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi with the following message: "I get to eat this, but 795 million people are hungry. Will Italy pledge to end hunger at the Global Citizen Festival? #PastaPolitics." Ideally, you will have utensils for your meal, and won't be forced to shove your face in a bowl of pasta like Handler. Although, do what you gotta do.

Global Citizen is an online-based organization that fights to change the world's biggest problems by encouraging members to sign petitions, contact organizations, and speak up on social media.

"Over the last five years, Global Citizens around the world have taken more than six million actions in the fight against extreme poverty—actions that are set to affect the lives of over 650 million of the world's most marginalized people," Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans said. "This year's Festival—and this incredible lineup—is an annual touch point to hold our world leaders to account on their commitments to solve the world's biggest problems."

Find out more about this year's festival, how to help, and how else to earn points for tickets at