We're Getting a Spice Girls Reunion — and Victoria Beckham Is Involved

This is not a drill.

The Spice Girls are about to spice up our lives once again. After Victoria Beckham serenaded the world with some impromptu karaoke just this past weekend, news broke that the supergroup would be coming together for a documentary. Back in 2019, all the Spice Girls — sans Posh — reunited for a U.K. tour, and before that, the entire sisterhood performed at the London Olympics, but the new documentary will be the first time that the whole gang is working together since 2012. The documentary, which is still in the beginning stages, will come from the team that brought us Netflix's Emmy-winning Michael Jordan series, The Last Dance.

"The director and the whole concept of how that was shot and filmed is really, really, really good. So we'll be doing our own version with them," Mel B. said during an appearance on Australian TV, according to Metro.

Spice Girls
Photo by Ray Burmiston/Avalon/Getty Images

Mel B. gave fans some insight into what kind of behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen tidbits to expect, like a story involving her rap in the Spice Girls' "Wannabe."

"The rap in the 'Wannabe' video, I actually wrote on the toilet while the other girls were doing the vocals," she said before adding that now is the perfect time for the project — and it's kid-approved. "My kids go, 'Mummy, your music has come full circle,' and I'm thinking, 'Ooh, they're going to compliment me.' Then, I get told, 'It's come full circle because now you're just vintage.'"

No details have been shared about the upcoming documentary, but the stars seem to be aligning for something big. It's the 25th anniversary of their iconic, campy film Spice World and there are rumors that they'll be filling the legend slot at Glastonbury 2023. It's the perfect time for some reflection — and about time that Girl Power makes headlines again.

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