Credit: Terence Patrick/CBS

Hiding behind her signature poker face, Victoria Beckham is 100 percent charm.

The former Spice Girl (and InStyle April cover star) was joined by Jessica Chastain and Lisa Kudrow on Wednesday night's episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, when she offered some rare insight into her life, including the hidden benefits of her chronic resting b— face, and the time she was serenaded by Justin Timberlake in a German airport. She even barely flinched when Corden sent a flying tomato at her face during the "Flinch Game" (watch it above). #dreamguest

The hilarity started when Corden asked the ladies about their first celebrity crushes. Chastain says she was so certain she would marry NKOTB's Joey McIntyre that she bet her sister $1,000. She lost that bet. Kudrow revealed that she was a David Cassidy superfan at the age of 8, and even started a fan club for the Partridge Family star. Though she didn't come clean about a celebrity crush (because let's face it, it's probably her husband, David) Beckham did share an amazing story about the time she came face-to-face with Timberlake in an airport before 'NSYNC hit it big. The 42-year-old mother of four says she was in an airport in Germany with the Spice Girls when they were approached by "some guy."

"He goes 'Hey I'm in a band, I've got my friends. Can we come sing for you?'" Beckham recalls. Curious, the girls agreed. "They stood there and they could sing. And it was 'NSYNC. That was Justin Timberlake!"

"They shut us up because they were good," she adds. Watch it here:

Corden also addressed how tabloid photos of the Brit's signature pout have created rumors that she refuses to smile. The assumption is so widely held, in fact, that she was recently photographed wearing a shirt she designed with the message "Fashion stole my smile."

"The question I get asked all the time is 'why don't you smile?'" Beckham says. "People think that I'm so miserable, so this is me having a bit of fun and laughing at myself," she says, referring to the T-shirt.

Corden suggested that a poker face might actually be a good idea. This way, when people actually get to know her, they'll be surprised by how amazing she is. "People daren't come up to me because they think that I'm just going to be some kind of—"

"Ice queen?" Corden suggests?

"Exactly!" she replies.

Smile or no smile, we'll always love you, Victoria. Watch her discuss her poker face above.