15 Times Victoria Beckham Was Living Her Peak Victoria Beckham Life

Photo: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Ah, the life of the Beckhams. I’d like to think that it’s not all fine wine and fashion shows, and in reality it’s probably not—it’s all that plus photo shoots, exotic locales, sporting matches, and impromptu dance parties.

Between Victoria Beckham’s OG career as a Spice Girl, her reemergence as a fashion designer, and her underwear model hubby’s past as a soccer star, there’s some serious talent in those genes. Her oldest son Brooklyn is a budding photographer, and youngest, Cruz, already has a single on iTunes.

VIDEO: David and Victoria Beckham's Most Stylish Moments

The verdict? This family is basically a hotbed of talent, and Victoria sits at the helm of the ship. Keep scrolling to see 15 times she lived her peak Victoria Beckham life—tropical dance parties and face masks included.

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