By Isabel Jones
Mar 08, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Victoria Beckham is clearly wise beyond her 42 years. Not only has the entrepreneurial Brit run the celebrity gamut—her stardom has thrived through ventures as a pop singer, fashion designer, and a model—she’s also achieved success of a different realm, as a mother. Beckham has four children (no small feat), and judging by her Instagram feed, she cherishes them dearly.

In order to properly initiate InStyle’s over-achieving April cover girl, we sat her in front of the nation’s toughest critics: 5-year-old girls (same age as Victoria’s youngest, Harper).

Things got real very quickly—one of the children got the ball rolling by asking the question we’ve all been pondering since the mid ‘90s: “What’s a Spice Girl?”

Posh’s response? “The Spice Girls was a pop group, and we used to say ‘Girl Power!’ all the time,” Beckham explains on-camera, flashing the ‘90s’ band’s beloved peace sign. “We thought that girls were better than boys,” she concluded—past tense, but no retraction… Interesting.

Watch the video above to see Becks answer even more pressing questions.