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Vera Wang Wants to Take Credit For Our Love of Leggings
The designer spoke to InStyle about her definition of "dressing for success."
These Famous Stars Didn't Know "What They Wanted to Be When They Grew Up" Until After 40
As we can all attest to, growing up doesn't always happen at the same rate as growing into yourself. Some of the most successful people who've ever lived didn’t have it “all figured out” career-wise until well after their teens—and even into their 40s. Take Vera Wang, for example. The wildly successful designer has become a household name for both her intricate bridal wear and her accessibly stylish ready-to-wear lines. Her high skill level might fool some into thinking she has been a design prodigy her entire life, but she actually grew up as a competitive figure skater before jumping into the magazine world. It wasn't until she was 40 that she became an independent bridal wear designer, and now her work has become an internationally acclaimed bridal fashion staple. Surprised? Don't be. Scroll through 10 other stars who didn't start the careers that made them famous until they were at least 40 years old.
This Is What It's Like to be Vera Wang for a Day
Managing the demands of a multifaceted fashion empire, plus handling family matters and throwing her Sunday-night Chinese dinner parties, leaves Vera Wang with little time to unwind. But the designer always makes sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep. “The ability to relax amid the chaos is one of my greatest gifts,” she says.
6 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Wore Vera Wang on Their Wedding Days in Honor of the Designer's Birthday
Happy birthday 67th birthday to Vera Wang! After close to 50 years in fashion, Wang has dressed everyone from Michelle Obama to Uma Thurman and more. During her career, Wang successfully made the transition from fashion magazine editor to big-name designer. Today, she puts her vision behind everything from figure skating costumes to cheerleading uniforms (see the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders' game-day attire), red carpet gowns to wedding dresses. Speaking of dresses for the big day, Wang is pretty much the reigning queen of wedding gown design. In Hollywood, ladies like Victoria BeckhamChelsea Clinton, and Jennifer Lopez have worn her creations on their special days. To celebrate Wang's birthday milestone, we decided to pull a select handful of our favorite wedding dresses by Wang. See for yourself in the photos below.  RELATED: The Breathtaking Spring 2016 Dresses from Bridal Fashion Week VIDEO: 6 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Wore Vera Wang on Their Wedding Day

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See 8 Fashion Designers in Their Signature Uniforms
We've waxed on about the power of uniform dressing: Steve Jobs was a fan, as is Hillary Clinton. There is something undeniable about knowing what works for you and wearing said outfit (or variation of said outfit) with aplomb. Nobody knows this better than fashion designers, whose job it is to make everyone look their best at all times. Naturally, women like Diane von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, and Victoria Beckham practice what they preach because they, too, sport some iteration of their own uniform. Von Furstenberg, for her part, prefers a printed tunic dress, which she calls a "petite valise," while Beckham loves herself some menswear-inspired suiting. Ahead, eight fashion designers in their signature uniforms. RELATED: Watch Us Demo 3 Ways to Style a White Shirt