Vanessa Hudgens Wants Her Friends to Set Her Up

Contrary to her dating history, he doesn't have to be in the business.

As the actual princess of holiday movies (literally, she plays a princess), Vanessa Hudgens has royal proclamation: she's ready to get back to dating. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Princess Switch star and High School Musical alumnae explained what she's looking for in a partner. Now that there's some distance from her breakup with ex Austin Butler — they were together for more than eight years — she says that she's just looking for someone that shares "similar fundamentals."

"Your girl's open. I feel like at the end of the day, it's just about having similar fundamentals and wanting the same things. Like, I am not picky, really," Hudgens said. "Like, I know what I want and I'm like, if someone comes into the picture and can give me all those things, then great, it doesn't matter if they're in the public eye or not — if anything I prefer them not to be but we'll see, we'll see."

However, Hudgens also acknowledged that the current moment has her taking things slowly. Thanks to quarantines and the COVID-19 pandemic, she's more about staying home and staying safe than looking for a new beau.

That's not stopping the prospects, though. She told ET that her friends and family are more than happy to help her out by setting her up, much like her characters Stacy and Margaret in Netflix's The Princess Switch and its new sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

"I mean, 100%, my friends are my family, they care about me so much and I think that's what it boils down to for Stacy and Margaret, you know?" she said of getting help on her dating life. "So, like I would totally let my friends be like, 'Hey, you should go for this,' and set me up if anything. Friends, where you at?"

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