Vanessa Hudgens Designed Your Next Going-Out Dress — and It Has a Built-In Bra

The actress collaborated with Fabletics on Sun-Daze, a new Y2K-inspired collection that ranges from size XXS to 4X.

Vanessa Hudgens Designed Your Next Going Out Dress for Fabletics
Photo: Courtesy Fabletics

With each tiny mini dress and viral denim bralette, Vanessa Hudgens continues to solidify her spot as one of today's top fashion icons. But, while our dreams of raiding her closet may never come true (at least in the literal sense), the tick, tick ... BOOM! actress has still given us the next best thing: a clothing collaboration with Fabletics, which includes a variety of workoutwear and Y2K-inspired designs, like terrycloth sets and a bucket hat, all of which represent the star's signature style.

"It's so personal," she tells InStyle about the collection, called Sun-Daze, which is available to shop now on both and in the brand's retail locations. "I literally went into my closet, grabbed my favorite baby tee, and had the design team cut a shirt based off of that."

Hudgens says she's been a fan of Fabletics for years, and after appearing in a recent velour campaign, was excited to team up with the brand on everyday lifestyle items, all which will come in handy this spring.

"Whether you're playing by the pool, going to a pilates or yoga class with your girlfriends, or running out to grab some groceries, there's genuinely something in there for all of it — even going to festivals," she tells us. "I made sure that it was vibrant and fun, but also comfortable."

Vanessa Hudgens Designed Your Next Going Out Dress for Fabletics
Courtesy Fabletics

The non-VIP prices for Sun-Daze start at just $13, while the most expensive option, a 2-piece set, totals $140. Sizes also range from XXS to 4X. Since everything is so good, you may be stumped about where to start, but Hudgens says the pink halter dress is definitely one of her favorites.

"I think it's so cute, it's so flattering, and most importantly, there's a built-in sports bra so you're supported," she tells us. "It has the keyhole front, which is really sexy, and we finished it off with these cute little flower buttons on the back, so down to the details, it's very much authentically me. But yeah, you could wear it with sandals to the beach or you could wear it with a heeled slide for going on a coffee date."

The actress is also big into animal prints, which is why she included leopard in this mix, like on the string bikini, sports bra, and a pair of leggings.

"I wanted to do something that feels new, so I went for a nude base and then a pop of neon, because to me, that's what's spring is — having a pop of color."

Vanessa Hudgens Designed Your Next Going Out Dress for Fabletics
Courtesy Fabletics

Hudgens does admit that she wasn't always someone who enjoyed such bright shades, but over the course of the pandemic, her opinion changed.

"During lockdown, I kept my nails up — I was doing hard gels on my nails and could genuinely be a nail technician now — but I started finding myself wanting pops of color to kind of lift my spirits," she explains. "That just slowly started transferring over into my wardrobe. I became obsessed with neon green and neon yellow. Now, I'm absolutely enamored with hot pink after going to the Valentino [Fall 2022] show in Paris, where all the walls were pink, the collection was pink. I was just in heaven, and it's so funny because I've never been that girl. I used to always be so off of pink and now I can't get enough of hot pink screaming at me."

Still, the actress does have specific items that she considers to be staples.

"A loose pant to me is something that I will always have, which is why I really wanted to do one for the collection. I put little cute patches on it, so it gives that nostalgic vibe. But my style and taste evolve constantly and what I'm into this year, I probably will not be into in a few years from now. It's like a constant evolution. I'm just trying to keep up with myself."

Vanessa Hudgens Designed Your Next Going Out Dress for Fabletics
Courtesy Fabletics

With so much of Hudgens' collection being fit for the gym, we had to ask the actress about her favorite kind of workout.

"I find nothing tones me faster than Pilates," she says. "After literally three classes, I feel so much stronger and grounded. I feel so much more in my body, and my body just loves Pilates. Whenever I get in there, I actually start to see results quick, which is always nice."

Hudgens was also willing to share a few pieces of advice for those hoping to kickstart their own fitness journeys or get back into a routine.

"ClassPass is a really great way to try out a bunch of different things," she says. "I think it's about really trying as much as you can and seeing what you actually enjoy, because being physical can be really enjoyable. You just have to find the right avenue for yourself and stick with it. Also having an accountability partner is something I think is really important, but it also just makes the workouts more fun when you feel like you are about to crumble, but you got your best friend by your side."

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