Twitter Has Thoughts About How Grossly Underpaid the Contestants Were on 'America's Next Top Model'

We're talking $40 a day and no residuals.

It seems like we're constantly uncovering ugly truths about the hit early aughts show America's Next Top Model. The latest installment, reveals just how underpaid the contestants were during the competition, which included grueling and taxing (both mentally and physically) challenges.

Earlier this week, former contestant on Cycle 9 of the show Sarah Hartshorne posted a tweet with some incriminating allegations about how little the models were paid to endure some of the majorly problematic tasks on the show.

"$40 a day, no residuals, and we had to pay for food," Hartshorne responded to another Tweet that revealed the girls's alleged pay, excluding meals. The former cast member also talks a lot about the show on her TikTok account, explaining what elimination was like and how Tyra Mail worked.

Twitter had some thoughts about the news and the unsettling nature of the show in general.

Another tweet included a TikTok user's reaction to a very messed up scene from the show where models were assigned different ethnicities to culturally appropriate. "Tyra Banks must pay for her crimes..." the post read.

One user wrote, "If I was Tyra Banks I would live everyday in fear of the inevitable Netflix or HBO documentary of ANTM."

Others likened some of the show's absurdly bizarre challenges to Squid Game.

ANTM nor Banks have responded to the allegations.

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