Why Troian Bellisario Had "Extreme Anxiety" on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Wedding Day

She said preparing for the royal event was a "nightmare."

As one of the lucky few invited to attend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's extravagant royal wedding, Pretty Little Liars alum Troian Bellisario revealed that preparing for the big event wasn't as glamorous as one would expect.

In a new interview with Stellar, the actress admitted that she had "extreme anxiety" in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. Not only was she was trying to keep her pregnancy a secret (she was five months pregnant with her daughter, Aurora, at the time), but Bellisario also had apprehensions about the royal dress code.

When asked if she was anxious about attending the ceremony, Troian replied: "Of course I did, and I had it two-fold. One, because I was trying to conceal the fact that I was five months pregnant. I was absolutely positive that it was going to be revealed."

She continued, "But I also had extreme anxiety about...what are they called? Those hat things? That's it, fascinators." Fascinators are a formal headpiece that are essentially mandatory at major royal events, such as a wedding.

"They look ridiculous unless you're in the 1930s," she added. "You could get one that is an absolute piece of art, but then are you being too vain and trying to call too much attention to yourself? Or if you get a fascinator that's very small, are you not going for tradition...Here I was trying to walk this tightrope of 'don't go too big, don't go too small.' It was a nightmare."

Moments before walking out the door, Bellisario had a minor meltdown over the headpiece she had chosen, and called her stylist Annabelle Harron for a last-minute pep talk.

"I was like, 'Annabelle, this is not a full hat.' And she said, 'It's fine, you have a veil, you have a head covering,'" she explained. "And I was like, 'If the British press tears me apart, I can never forgive you for this.' And she said, 'Trust me, I'm an Aussie. I've got you!'"

Luckily, everything worked out in the end, and Troian looked stunning in a blush Temperley London dress that matched her mesh veil fascinator covered in pearls.

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