Travis Barker's Self-Care Routine Involves Kourtney Kardashian and His New CBD Bath Bombs

Barker Wellness Co.'s latest product is perfect for winding down after a long, stressful day.

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It makes sense that someone at the helm of the pop culture zeitgeist with an immensely successful music career, a blossoming wellness brand, two children, and a highly publicized relationship, would need a little help when it comes to relaxing. With busy days chock-full of performances, public appearances, and paparazzi-flocked outings, Travis Barker turns to CBD and his fiancée — or wife if we're counting their recent Las Vegas nuptialsKourtney Kardashian for some zen.

Because the Blink-182 drummer takes self-care so seriously, he founded Barker Wellness Co., a natural and vegan wellness brand that features products like CBD tinctures and pain relief balm, which Barker swears by for sore muscles after an intense workout or drumming session.

Now, Barker Wellness Co. is launching the perfect bath bomb to make unwinding even more, well, relaxing. The Bath Soak is made up of a cannabinoid-infused blend of lavender, bergamot, and hibiscus for a calming bath time routine. Not only will it take the edge off, but the soak will also soothe and soften your skin.

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A CBD bath is the perfect nightcap, whether you're drawing it for yourself or to share with a significant other. Barker says he prefers spending time with Kourtney after a tiring day — along with a good face mask, practically the epitome of self-care (see below). "After a long, stressful day I love spending time with Kourtney and our families," he tells InStyle. "I look forward to any quality time we get to spend together."

And his products are formulated to get the most out of that QT. "The cannabinoids we use have different properties that can help your skin, like fighting inflammation and reducing redness. We're keeping all of our products high quality, vegan, and clean to really elevate our bath products within the wellness space," he says.

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Since Kourtney, founder of lifestyle brand Poosh, is also a health guru, Barker says he looks to her for diet tips.

"Kourtney is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gut health and how it relates to sleep, so I kind of follow her lead on this one," he says. "I'm more likely to eat light dishes such as vegan sushi, and sometimes I'll have gluten-free pasta." He adds that they both love matcha green tea (we've definitely seen Kourt sipping one on Keeping Up With the Kardashians) so much that Barker has a whole drink dedicated to him at Monty's, a 100% plant-based Los Angeles cafe.

In addition to a relaxing bath bomb and spending quality time with his fiancée, Barker kicks back with a few other products from his line. "I've found that cannabinoid-based products have consistently worked for me," he explains. "I like to take the Barker Wellness Sleep Tincture straight. It helps me mentally unwind and relax — the combo of melatonin and CBN [another type of cannabinoid] has become really important to my sleep routine. I like taking the Barker Wellness Recovery Tincture as well as it helps me physically recover for whatever I'm doing the next day."

The Bath Soak is available now for pre-order at for $25.

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The Bath Soak

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