Alyson Court's Voice is Still All Over the Place

Credit: PBS/Courtesy Everett Collection

Are you ready? Are you ready to clown around? That's how the theme song begins from the '90s children's show The Big Comfy Couch. From 1992-2002, the series told the story of Loonette and Molly, a clown and her dolly. (Yup, borrowed that from the theme song too.) Loonette, played by Alyson Court, always had a bag of tricks up her sleeve — and by sleeve, we really mean couch.

So, what ever happened to Court and her career? We'll get to that, but first, relive your youth by watching the Big Comfy Couch intro below.

On the show, Court's character wore big curly pigtails, drawn-on freckles, and a red clown nose. If you wanted to dress up as a clown for Halloween, she was the perfect inspiration. Somehow her hair sprouted out of her hat, which was super cool. Oh, and can't forget about her pointy eyebrows. In 2015, she reminisced and tweeted:

Nowadays, Court can still be found on TV screens — well, sort of. She's voiced characters in a range of video games and Canadian TV shows, including Grojband (which is now on Netflix) and The Amazing Spiez. The 42-year-old is also an active Twitter user and proud mom, frequently posting updates about her son.

Here's a photo from 2015, showing fans how well she aged:

And don't worry, she brings out her red clown nose from time to time too.

Sure, Court ditched the signature pigtails and hat, but her hair looks gorgeous regardless. And even without the drawn-on freckles, that red nose proves you can't take the clown out of the girl. Long live Loonette.