Lady Gaga's Beauty Evolution, From Aspiring Singer to Cultural Icon

The Grammy-winning artist has cultivated her own quintessential style.

Lady Gaga with pinned up curls, a fresh face, and white liner

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Lady Gaga is a force. With 13 Grammy wins (so far) and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music biz, she's more goddess than mortal. Perhaps even as impressive as her storied career is her indelible style, a mix of provocateur meets old-timely beauty. Whether Gaga's out for a casual stroll or posing on the red carpet, you're sure to find heads turning. To commemorate her standout beauty, we rounded up our favorite looks of hers to date.

Keep scrolling for Lady Gaga's beauty evolution from the '00s to today.

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Lady Gaga as a high school student with long hair and a fresh face

The fresh-faced student at Convent of the Sacred Heart wrote that her dream was "headlining at Madison Square Garden."

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Lady Gaga with straight black hair and bangs wearing blush and eyeliner

As a songwriter and up-and-coming artist, Lady Gaga was mistaken for another strong-willed singer: "Actually the reason I dyed my hair blond is because I used to get Amy Winehouse all the time. I don't mind being compared to Amy, but I wanted my own image."

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Lady Gaga with platinum hair and bangs, dramatic lash extensions, and an origami dress and accessories

She released The Fame and accented her bone-straight bangs with a geometric headpiece. "I go onstage in origami dresses," she told People. "I'm inspired by that '70s glamour and decadence."

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Lady Gaga with her platinum hair styled in a bow atop her head

The creative star whipped up her style — setting hair bow from inexpensive extensions — and wore it 24/7. "Me and my hair bow, we go to bed together," she told reporters. "She sleeps where I sleep."

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Lady Gaga with a platinum bob with halo braid detail, heavy liner, and red lips
George Pimentel/WireImage

For the Much Music Awards in Toronto, Lady Gaga wore a coronet of braids atop a bowl-cut platinum wig. Combined with heavy eye makeup and red lips, it feels very Blondie — but with a Gaga twist.

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Lady Gaga with a crimpy platinum wedge bob with pink lipstick and sunglasses
Florian Seefried/Getty

Lady Gaga sported this crimpy, blown-out bob look during a trip to Berlin. It's structural and face-framing. The bubblegum pink lipstick lends some Barbiecore vibes.

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Lady Gaga retro Marilyn Monroe curls and a black lace face mask

"My fashion is my freedom," Gaga said. She played up her platinum Marilyn Monroe curls with a black lace mask.

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Lady Gaga wearing a House of Blue Eyes mask, hat, and blonde and pink coiffure

At the MTV Video Music Awards, she covered half her face with a House of Blue Eyes mask and added a spectacular blond and pink coiffure.

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Lady Gaga with platinum retro curls and red bedazzled eye makeup and lipstick
Startraks Photo

After releasing her second album, The Fame Monster, Gaga went to Blackpool, England to perform for Queen Elizabeth II. Her, uh, restrained look included lipstick and eye-framing crystals that matched her rubber ruff.

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Lady Gaga in a voluminous yellow wig with gray eyeshadow and neon pink lipstick
Jason Merritt/Getty

Lady Gaga wigged out for the Grammys, attaching a neon yellow and blond hairpiece to her Armani Prive bodysuit. Her bright pink lip and gray smoky eye prove that more is more.

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Lady Gaga with long gray hair with blue ends and wearing her controversial meat dress
Andreas Branch/PatrickMcMullan/Sipa Press

For the MTV Video Music Awards, the recording artist topped a pastel-tipped platinum wig with a slice of steak because, why not? Red lipstick stuck to the color palette of her meat dress. Talk about coordination.

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Lady Gaga with tousled teal hair, red lipstick, and sunglasses
John R. Kennedy/Splash News

Gaga has worn a variety of green and blue hues during her Born This Way press tour. Real? Not so much. "Staring at my wigs," she tweeted. "They're ready for their close-up."

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Lady Gaga with platinum micro bangs and anime-inspired makeup
Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

Gaga got kawaii in Japan with anime-inspired eye shadow. The drawn-on beauty mark is a nice embellishment.

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Lady Gaga dressed in drag at the MTV VMAs
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Danny Zuko, meet Jo Calderone a.k.a. Gaga's male alter-ego who made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Lady Gaga in a mint blonde updo with white thick-rimmed glasses

In London, she debuted her self-described "mint blond" coif. Its fallen tendrils frame her face and thick-rimmed glasses, her eyes. Combined with a cat-eye, it all feels very '60s.

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Lady Gaga with platinum bangs and a orange, white, and green updo
Ramesh Sharma/India Today Group/Getty Images

Rumored to be a nod to the orange, white and green stripes of the national flag of India, Gaga sported a three-tone beehive in New Delhi. Her full-on fringe does a nice job of drawing attention to her eyes.

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Lady Gaga with a platinum side ponytail, metallic navy lipstick, green glitter brows, and graphic liner

For the MTV Europe Music Awards, Gaga delighted us by pairing metallic navy lipstick with green glitter eyebrows and graphic liner.

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Lady Gaga wearing an Alexander McQueen hood, red lipstick, and a filigree of eyeliner
Stephan Schraps/Getty Images

For the Bambi Awards in Germany, she wore an Alexander McQueen hood and a filigree of eyeliner that translate to a work of art.

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Lady Gaga wearing a mosaic mask, blonde bob, and red lipstick
Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Gaga rang in the New Year (and smooched New York City.'s Mayor Bloomberg) in a mosaic mask courtesy of Atelier Versace.

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Lady Gaga with a two-toned chignon and crystal-studded custom Versace veil
Lester Cohen/WireImage

For the Grammys, she anchored her two-toned chignon with a crystal-studded custom Versace veil.

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Lady Gaga with a red lip, bouffant, sunglasses, and a laser-cut headpiece
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Launching her Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University, Gaga seemed to be channeling Audrey Hepburn vibes with her LBD, red lip, and bouffant. Still, she couldn't help but add her own touch: a laser-cut confection by milliner Emma Yeo.

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Lady Gaga wearing long multicolored extensions, sunglasses, and rose-colored lipstick and brow pencil
EPA/Everett Kennedy Brown/Landov

Making her usual entrance at the Tokyo airport, Gaga stood tall in a wild tangle of multicolored extensions.

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Lady Gaga curly yellow bob with rose pink lipstick, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hat

The superstar smiled in Vienna sporting a wavy yellow wig. Its chin length and tousled curls proved ultra-flattering.

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Lady Gaga with long brown hair and bouffant and gold headpiece
Greg Allen/Rex USA

Gaga returned to her brown roots, topping them with a golden coronet for her Fame fragrance launch. "Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette," she tweeted. "I am Louis Vuitton Brown!"

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Lady Gaga high structural brunette updo with bangs
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Her brown locks stuck around for a while, as evidenced by her appearance at the launch of her "Fame" eau de parfum at Macy's Herald Square in New York City. Piled high atop her head, they pay homage to the '60s beehive.

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Lady Gaga chic platinum bob with bright red lipstick and cat-eye in 2014
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Hello, gorgeous! Lady Gaga took a chic turn and paired her newly minted bob with bright red lips, a tantalizing cat-eye, and bleached brows.

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Lady Gaga long gray-blonde hair and deep berry lips in 2015
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

For her elegant arrival, the singer donned long, glossy waves to go with her wine-red lipstick and dramatic eyes (read: glitter and mascara galore).

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Lady Gaga with a platinum retro lob and rose gold makeup in 2016
Anthony Harvey/Getty

At the 88th Academy Awards, Gaga channeled Old Hollywood glamor wearing her hair in a wavy lob and opting for a soft, rose gold eye makeup palette.

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Lady Gaga with red and gold eye makeup, a fuchsia lip, and blonde ponytail with pink and orange streaks
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The Grammy winner made a serious entrance at the award show with a rocker-chic ensemble that hinted at her performance with Metallica. She made it her own with pink pops of color, from her makeup to her hair.

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Lady Gaga straight platinum hair with dramatic eyes and pink lip gloss

Steve Granitz / WireImage

Sleek platinum tresses, dramatic glitter eyes, bold brows — these are the things that red carpet dreams are made of.

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Lady Gaga tousled platinum waves with dark roots and lip gloss

Steve Granitz / WireImage

With a fresh face, tousled platinum waves, and dark roots, Lady Gaga arrived at the 61st Annual Grammys looking more California beach babe than Fame Monster. Interestingly, her stripped-down version created more shock value than any over-the-top look could have.

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Lady Gaga sleek updo with blue highlights, dramatic eye makeup, and diamond jewelry

Daniele Venturelli / WireImage

At the 76th Annual Golden Globes, Gaga channeled her inner Disney princess offering us this riff on Cinderella. Donning an ice blue updo, sparkly eye makeup, and dripping in diamonds, she was the belle of the ball — or award show, rather.

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Lady Gaga platinum hair with bangs, glittery purple eyeshadow, and sparkly lipstick

Samir Hussein / WireImage

Lady Gaga nailed flashy Italian bravado when she stepped out at the UK Premiere of House of Gucci. Royal purple eyeshadow — to color match her outfit — plus pearlescent lips is nothing short of bella.

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Lady Gaga with pinned up curls, a fresh face, and white liner

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

At the 64th Annual Grammys, Gaga went retro with pinned-up curls. Toned-down makeup — a cat-eye and a swipe of color on her lips and cheeks — let her natural beauty shine.

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