Dolly Parton's Beauty Evolution From the '60s to Today

The American icon has crafted a style that is uniquely her own.

Dolly Parton with voluminous '60s hair, full brows, and doe-eyed makeup
Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

With over 50 years in the business, Dolly Parton is an American icon. The songstress, who even has her own Dollywood theme park in her native Tennessee, has never been one to play it safe when it comes to her career — nor her style. Whether she's launching her own fragrance line or recreating her 1978 Playboy cover at 75, Parton has always stayed true to herself. Known for her signature blonde bombshell meets country-sweetheart flair, the supporter of women and lover of men is definitely one-of-a-kind.

Ahead, check out Dolly Parton's beauty evolution over the years.

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A smiling 9-year-old Dolly Parton with short wavy hair
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Although without her voluminous mane, nine-year-old Parton's signature smile still gives her away. She grew up in Sevier County, Tennessee, with 11 brothers and sisters. "If we ever had any makeup in the house," her mother once told People of the budding beauty, "Dolly'd grab it first."

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Dolly Parton with dark brows, voluminous curls and bangs
Nancy Barr/Retna

Teenage years can take a toll on your self-esteem — even if you're Dolly Parton. "I always wanted to be prettier," Parton has said of her teenage self. Her solution? This voluminous bixie and glamorous makeup. "I got to fixin' myself up. I wanted my clothes tight, my makeup bright, my nails long, my lips red. I got into it."

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Dolly Parton with voluminous curls and a head scarf in 1970
Michael Ochs Archives

Looking extra fresh-faced, a young Parton poses for a portrait that has us swooning. Her hair scarf accessory adds a fun flair.

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Dolly Parton curly voluminous teased hair and doe-eyed makeup
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The rising star (who released two solo albums and performed with partner Porter Wagoner) had already adopted her trademark whipped cream wigs and frosty makeup. Here, she adds a mod touch in the form of dramatic lashes — both top and bottom — plus graphic liner.

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Dolly Parton in 1976 with voluminous curly hair, doe-eyed makeup and lipstick
Michael Ochs Archives

Talk about voluminous hair! Parton's full, cascading curls might as well serve as an ad for hair products — and we're buying.

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Dolly Parton in 1977 with her signature voluminous hair, a smoky eye, and frosted lips
Images Press

When Parton arrived in the Big Apple, city slickers took notice. With her iconic hair and denim button-down, she proves that you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl.

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Dolly Parton with a platinum bouffant hairstyle, mod eye makeup, and pink lipstick
Getty Images

"I'm aware I'm not in style, but it don't bother me," the Heartbreaker songstress told People of her bubble coifs, like this platinum one here. "I like looking as if I came out of a fairy tale."

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Dolly Parton blonde, curly hair, bright pink lipstick, eye makeup, and blush
Walter McBride/Retna

Parton related to her misunderstood sexpot secretary character in Nine to Five. "I'm not selling sex," she said of her unabashedly va-va-va-voom style. "The magic of the whole thing, is that I am one way and look another."

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Dolly Parton platinum bouffant, pink eyeshadow, and red lipstick
Michael Putland

The singer was absolutely glowing in this photo from the early '80s. She even matched her sky-high hair with lashes of the same fashion.

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Dolly Parton big, curly blonde hair, blue shadow, and red lipstick
Everett Digital

Big wigs and bigger talent — the crossover superstar released her 28th solo album, Rainbow. Like her music, Parton's aesthetic is bold and beautiful.

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Dolly Parton romantic, cascading curls and pink makeup
Fotos International

Parton posed at the People's Choice Awards in the late '80s, looking utterly romantic. Pink makeup and tousled curls à la messy updo soften her typically maximalist style.

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Dolly Parton teased '80s hair, pink eyeshadow, and red lipstick
Jim Smeal/WireImage

"I've always loved makeup, and it's something I understand," Parton told People. "You can do it in good taste, but if you want to look like the town tramp like me, you can," she joked unabashedly — and we love her for it.

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Dolly Parton half-up, half down volumized curls and pink makeup

Looking as doll-like as ever, a fuchsia-sporting Parton made an appearance on Bette Midler's eponymous sitcom.

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Dolly Parton layered blonde bob with bangs and flipped-out ends

With her flipped-out bob and striking makeup, the 55-year-old vixen was in a celebratory mood. She scored a critical smash with her bluegrass album, Little Sparrow.

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Dolly Parton with blonde hair and bangs, arched brows, and defined eyes
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

"I'm in the public eye, so I don't care who knows what I get done," the ageless Parton said of her beauty regimen. "If I see something sagging, dragging or bagging, I get it sucked, tucked or plucked. It takes a lot of money to look as cheap as I look."

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Dolly Parton blonde spiky hair, blue-pink eye makeup, and lined mauve lips

For the release of her bluegrass album Better Day, Parton turned up the edge with a spiky, layered hairstyle. What can we say, it's modern mullet perfection.

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Dolly Parton blonde ribbon curls, sparkly eye makeup, and lined lips
Bruce Glikas

Parton is all dolled up at the Bonnie and Clyde musical on Broadway in New York City. Those blonde ribbon curls, lined lips, and multicolored eye makeup are quintessential Dolly.

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Dolly Parton teased, layered blonde hair and lined lips with sparkly pink lipstick
Albert L. Ortega

Parton looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair and makeup on-point at the Los Angeles premiere of Joyful Noise. Her shimmery makeup and outfit show how we could all benefit from more sparkle in our lives.

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Dolly Parton teased, layered blonde hair, pink and blue eye makeup, and glittery pink lips
Scott Barbour

Looking more warm blonde than ever, Parton made a visit to the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

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Dolly Parton curly, layered blonde hair and bangs with pink lipstick and defined eyes
Jason LaVeris

The cultural icon was all smiles at the premiere of Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors in Hollywood. Her bright pink lip only enhances the good times.

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Dolly Parton with voluminous, layered blonde hair and graphic eyeliner in 2016
Michael Loccisano/Getty

She may have been in this business for over 50 years, but one thing clearly remains the same: her voluminous blonde hair, worn in layered curls to accept the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the 50th annual CMA Awards.

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Dolly Parton with her signature hair, nude lip and dress in 2017
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Parton put forth her signature blonde 'do at the 2017 SAG Awards and we wouldn't have it any other way. To accompany her graphic eye makeup and glossy nude lip, she went with a long-sleeve nude dress and a glowing necklace.

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Dolly Parton in a black and white fitted dress with a blonde, face-framing updo
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Our jaws dropped when Parton stepped out at the premiere of Netflix's Dumplin' looking as blonde and bright-eyed as ever. Her face-framing 'do is just darling — but that dress.

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Dolly Parton with blonde teased wavy hair, lip gloss, and blue and pink eye makeup

Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Attending the 53rd annual CMA Awards, the Queen of Nashville outshone us all — and not only in terms of star power. Her glossy lip, beaded dress, and diamond accouterments are eye-catching.

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Dolly Parton long, wavy teased hair, lined lips with gloss, colorful eyeshadow and long lashes

Frazer Harrison / WireImage

Attending the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, this country star channels her inner rockstar. At 76, Parton looks better than ever — and knows exactly what works for her.

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