Tracee Ellis Ross Made the No-Pants Look Seasonally Appropriate

Well, more seasonally appropriate.

Celebrities aren't just like us when it comes to getting dressed. While most of the world needs to wear a bottom and a top, famous faces often get away with a Winnie the Pooh-style outfit with just a top and no pants, skirt, or shorts below. Tracee Ellis Ross is the latest celeb to opt for a blazer with no pants, but she did acknowledge the changing seasons by adding patterned tights to take the no-pants look out of the summer and into her birthday season, albeit a little bit early.

In a new Instagram gallery, Ross shows off in a black tuxedo jacket, dangling gold chandelier earrings, and cat-eye liner. Down below, she's got a pair of Christian Louboutin ankle booties and while they don't constitute real pants, she has semi-sheer black tights with a polka-dot pattern arranged in a harlequin-esque diamond pattern from Calzedonia.

Her caption mentioned her upcoming birthday and a major astrological move: the forthcoming Scorpio season, which starts on Oct. 22.

"Patiently waiting for Scorpio season. And by Scorpio season I mean my birthday," she wrote. "OCTOBER 29th ... mark your calendars. Ok bye."

When they're not skipping out on pants, celebrities and models are opting for some very unique takes on tailoring, including chaotic jeans, blinged-out bottoms, and ovary cutouts. Ross hasn't veered into experimental pants just yet, but since she's upping her fashion game with a trip to the Met Gala clad in Balenciaga couture and landing a J.Crew campaign (she's got the range), it's only a matter of time before she slips into some statement-making pants.

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