Top Social TV Star

SMA - Sofia Vergara
Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

Top Social TV Star

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Mindy Kaling

SMA - Mindy Kaling

Follow her: Twitter @mindykaling
Instagram @mindykaling
The author of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? proves herself to be a social butterfly in the comedy series The Mindy Project—her 3 million+ Twitter followers and 817,000+ Instagram followers often get to peek inside her thoughts (and closet).
Shown here: Kaling predicting the latest showbiz winners. "I did a Gold Derby chat at my desk and had to hide my inappropriate desk art. Nice to wear a button down and jeans."

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Lena Dunham

SMA - Lena Dunham

Follow her:

Twitter @lenadunham
Instagram @lenadunham
Talk about being a girl about town: Dunham's 1.65 million+ Twitter followers are first to hear about the actress' party plans, while her 975,000+ Instagram followers can catch sight of the TV star's newest friends.
Shown here: Dunham getting ready for a big night out and sporting a fabulous clutch courtesy of Charlotte Olympia.

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Kerry Washington


Follow her: Twitter @kerrywashington
Instagram @kerrywashington
The Scandal star lets her secrets out via tweets and 'grams—her 1.69 million+ Twitter followers and 718,000+ Instagram followers get the inside scoop on what the actress is up to with her friends and famous co-workers.
Shown here: Washington nabs a bite of gluten-free pizza backstage at the Oscars.

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Jennifer Lopez

SMA - Jennifer Lopez

Follow her: Twitter @jlo
Instagram @jlo
The singer and American Idol judge keeps her 28.4 million+ Twitter followers and 3.7 million+ Instagram followers in the loop on all her social gatherings, from chilling on stage with talented singers to sitting front row with her team at #ParisFashionWeek.
Shown here: J.Lo is all smiles with her buds during #idolrushweek

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Sofia Vergara

SMA - Sofia Vergara

Follow her:

Twitter @sofiavergara
Instagram @sofiavergara
The Modern Family star boasts over 6.18 million Twitter followers and 1.8 million+ Instagram followers who stay updated on her days on set, dinner parties, and family game nights.
Shown here: Vergara enjoying the perfect day with her gals.

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