Tom Hanks Settles That Bill Murray Photo Debate

Bill Murray LEAD
Photo: 'Reasons My Son is Crying' Facebook

There hasn't been this much buzz over a Facebook photo since the great black and blue/white and gold dress debate of 2015!

The insanely popular photo of Bill Murray...or wait is it Tom Hanks? Showed one of the two actors in an orange hood making a crying face during a photo with a fan. In the shot, Murray or Hanks is making a crying baby face.

Although the photo was originally published to the popular Facebook page, "Reasons My Son is Crying" in 2013, people didn't begin to question who was in it until this year when it became the meme that set the internet ablaze with questions over the identity of the actor pictured. Was it Bill Murray? Or could it be Tom Hanks?

Finally, Hanks was able to answer the question when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show. "I know that it's not me because I did not take that picture," Hanks said. He did however do his best to recreate the photo with fellow guests, Gemma Arterton and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the fan and the aforementioned crying baby.

Bill Murray embed
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The original photo of Murray, was taken in Scotland on St. Andrew's Golf Course and there are other photos of the actor in the now infamous orange jacket to back it up. Although the debate is finally settled, the resemblance between the two actors is uncanny!

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