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The Riskiest Golden Globes Gowns Ever

The Golden Globes (or any awards show, really) can be counted on to deliver a parade of show-stopping, jaw-dropping gowns. And while we always love classic elegance, there's something refreshing about seeing a star eschew that kind of sartorial safety in favor for something a smidge more daring. That's why we dug through the Golden Globes archives and rounded up A-list risk-takers who deserve some recognition. Last year, Alison Brie traded in a glamorous gown for a killer Vassilis Zoulias jumpsuit that came with a dramatic full skirt. In 2016, Brie Larson stepped out of her comfort zone by piling on the shine in a mega-watt glitter number by Calvin Klein collection. Even as far back as 2003, Sarah Jessica Parker caused mayhem when she went for a Jørgen Simonsen corset and Dior Homme pants by Hedi Slimane. We can't wait to see what kind of bold looks the 2019 Golden Globes nominees will be bringing this Sunday (8 p.m. EST, Jan. 6 on NBC). But in the meantime, scroll through to see the stars who have upped the risk factor over the years. VIDEO: The Best Moments from InStyle's 2019 Golden Globes Elevator

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10 Celebrities Share Their Opinions on Botox

Question: Why is the topic of Botox and aging considered so taboo? Though it's a natural process we all go through, speaking about it and the occasional nagging voice attempting to convince us it's something that should be reversed isn't exactly considered a casual topic of conversation. Our October cover girl Julianne Moore, on the other hand, holds no feelings back when it comes to her opinion on Botox. She has publicly stated that she isn't for the procedure, and has the most refreshing, liberal view when it comes to aging. "I mean, let's not talk about this idea of 'Oh, no! I'm going to be 40!' You could be dead. So enjoy it. It's a privilege to age!" she says in her cover story. "Even in scripts, they'll refer to a character as 'aging.' Well...everyone is aging. In literature and in movies, when people try to stop the process, it always ends in disaster. I think it's really important to be where you are." Julianne isn't the only one who has sounded off—read on to see what nine other celebrities have to say about Botox and plastic surgery. VIDEO: We Tried It: Armpit Botox