Timothée Chalamet's Impression of Harry Styles Is Very Convincing

Everything from the outfit to the accent was spot-on during his 'SNL' skit.

Who knew Timothée Chalamet could do such a compelling impression of Harry Styles? Last night, the actor made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut, which to the delight of many fans, included a spot-on impersonation of the "Watermelon Sugar" singer.

During a segment titled "Dionne Warwick Talk Show," referencing the legendary singer's recent Twitter star status, Timothée perfectly played the One Direction star in very Harry-esque fashion, wearing a striped sweater with a Peter Pan collar, wide-leg pants, heeled loafers that showed off his socks, and a handful of rings.

Timothée took his role as Harry a step further with a British accent, and even picked up his mannerisms. “I’m a singer and a sort of essential fashion man — you could say I do it for everyone,” Chalamet said while in character, offering Styles's signature wink at the camera.

Viewers couldn't get enough of the hilarious sketch, and expressed their enthusiasm on Twitter. "The thought of Timothée Chalamet dressed as Harry Styles will forever occupy my brain rent-free," wrote one user. Another added, "Timothée's SNL will be the death of me. He is acting as HARRY STYLES. The crossover we needed!!!"

Harry hasn't commented on Timothée's performance just yet, but something tells us he'll approve.

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