Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed the Name of Gigi Hadid's Daughter on 'evermore'

Swifties also shared compelling evidence that one of the songs is about Selena Gomez ...

Taylor Swift’s latest album, evermore, dropped last night and fans are already flocking to Twitter with all sorts of theories.

Track 8, “dorothea,” inspired a particular frenzy on social media, with Swifties assigning many possible identities to the titular subject.

The most fervent (and well-researched) theory speculated that the song was about Swift’s longtime friend Selena Gomez.

And fans came with receipts:

Many of the lyrics do seem applicable to Gomez, such as “you got shiny friends since you left the town” (read: famous model pals), “and tiny screen’s the only place i see you now” (read: pandemic FaceTime calls with Swift, of which there is photographic evidence), “oh, you’re a queen selling dreams, selling makeup and magazines” (read: Gomez has a makeup line and is no stranger to magazine covers).

Fans dug beneath the surface parallels too, pointing to Gomez’s love of The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy … Dorothea?).

Still, others were convinced Swift was referencing Karlie Kloss. And their evidence, too, is compelling:

A Dianna Agron faction jumped out as well …

As for the song’s title, many dedicated Swifties insisted that (in true “betty” fashion) the moniker doubles as the name of Swift’s friend Gigi Hadid’s baby daughter.

Again, we can’t argue with this logic:

Care to comment, Zigi?

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