Taylor Swift Reportedly Revealed the Name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's Youngest Daughter

The singer sneakily shared the couple's 9-month-old's name on her new album, 'Folklore.'

UPDATE 7/24/20 2:20 P.M.: People has confirmed via an anonymous source that Betty is in fact the name of Reynolds and Lively's youngest daughter.

Taylor Swift, Easter egg extraordinaire, has done it again with her new album Folklore. The stans are working overtime on this one, and the theories attached to each and every song are boundless.

One of the tracks deriving the most speculation thus far has been “Betty,” which may or may not be a queer anthem. The song follows teenager James (whom many have assumed is a pseudonym for Swift herself), who is in love with a girl named Betty. Another name casually thrown into the lyrics? Inez.

James and Inez both also happen to be the names of Swift’s pals Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s eldest daughters. Don’t they have another daughter? Why yes, they do. Her name? WE. DON’T. KNOW.

Now, this has led many a fan to reach a quite logical conclusion: Betty is the name of Lively and Reynolds’s youngest daughter.

That said, would the ultra-private Lively and Reynolds really unveil their daughter’s name in such an incredibly public way? Or perhaps this is a Reynolds-orchestrated practical joke, to throw us off the scent of his and Lively’s daughter’s actual name?

Regardless, this isn’t the first time the Reynolds family has made an impact on Swift’s discography. Back in 2017, James, now 5, recorded intro vocals for Reputation track “Gorgeous.”

Only time, and awards-worthy sleuthing, will tell.

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