Sydney Sweeney's Three-Piece Tweed Suit Included an Ab-Baring Bra Top

This look is definitely Cassie-approved.

Sydney Sweeney Tweed Suit 2022 LANEIGE Pop-Up
Photo: Courtesy of LANEIGE/Scott Clark

Sydney Sweeney can really do it all — from restoring vintage cars to perfecting that 4 a.m. skincare routine on Euphoria. So, leave it to the actress to go from wearing a boiler jumpsuit at a motor parts expo to a baby blue tweed suit for a k-beauty brand pop-up event in a matter of days.

On Thursday, Sweeney attended (and hosted) a brunch affair at the Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles to celebrate being LANEIGE's first US celebrity partner. For the outing, Sweeney fit the event's aesthetic in a plaid blue, white, and purple three-piece tweed suit. The ensemble consisted of a double-breasted cropped blazer embellished with large pearl buttons, which she wore over a matching bra top. Coordinating high-waisted, wide-leg trousers and white pointy-toed pumps completed the look. Her signature blonde hair was blown out and parted down the middle and she kept her glam very fresh and clean with neutral tones.

Sydney Sweeney Tweed Suit 2022 LANEIGE Pop-Up
Courtesy of LANEIGE/Scott Clark

LANEIGE, most known for their incredibly hydrating Lip Sleeping Mask, used the two-day event to promote the importance of moisturizing. They also showed off their newly formulated Water Bank Collection, which is considered their most successful hydration innovation to date. In fact, Sweeney herself is an avid user — and we'd imagine Cassie would fit it into her chaotic early morning regimen.

"Every day I use the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum and Cream Moisturizer," she said in a statement. "I really like that I can go all day without my skin feeling dry or tight. Before a shoot or when my skin needs extra moisture, I seal everything in with the Water Sleeping Mask and apply their iconic Lip Sleeping Mask before I go to bed."

Earlier this week, Sweeney told InStyle there's a reason her fashion sense looks familiar: she's stolen a few items from Cassie's wardrobe. "I actually steal a lot of Cassie's clothes," she told us. "I like the clothes. Comfy clothes, jeans, they're good."

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