Sydney Sweeney Says She Definitely Steals Cassie's Clothes

Nobody tell Zendaya.

Sydney Sweeney eBay Motors New York Auto Parts Show Jumpsuit
Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

Even though some of Cassie Howard's most memorable wardrobe choices have become the stuff of meme legend (Oklahoma!, anyone?), Sydney Sweeney said that she doesn't hesitate to snag a few things from her Euphoria character's closet. During an appearance at eBay's New York Auto Parts Show, Sweeney explained her love for vintage cars, vintage style icons, and while she didn't mention that now-iconic gingham puff-sleeve cardigan in particular, she didn't hesitate to say that some of her Cassie's clothes have made their way into her closet.

At the event, Sweeney showed off her fully restored cherry-red 1969 Ford Bronco, which she brought back to life using eBay Motors parts and accessories. For the occasion, she wore a very appropriate boiler suit from Outerknown with decidedly less OSHA-approved Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots. And though it may seem strange to anyone that associates Sweeney solely with her on-screen persona, she says that she's always been a gearhead and that she loves restoring cars.

"I grew up around older, vintage vehicles that are run-down in a driveway so I've always wanted a Bronco. It was a dream car of mine," she said. "When I was switching the transmission over from manual to automatic and there was a valve, like an adapter piece, that I could not find anywhere, to the point that I thought I'd have to source an entire new transmission, which can be a hassle. I was scrolling through eBay Motors and I actually found the valve. Here we are today. She runs!"

Sydney Sweeney eBay Motors New York Auto Parts Show Jumpsuit
Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

When we asked her about which character's wardrobe she'd raid, she didn't hesitate to say that she steals from Cassie's.

"I actually steal a lot of Cassie's clothes," Sweeney said. "I like the clothes. Comfy clothes, jeans, they're good."

Sweeney also had some old school inspiration when asked about her style icon, saying that she had an entire archive of Brigitte Bardot snapshots at the ready: "I have so many pictures of her saved in my phone," she said.

Let's not forget that one of her most memorable Euphoria scenes this season involved Nate Jacobs's truck, a fact that she definitely reveled in bringing up.

"Cassie would love to drive Nate's truck," Sweeney said.

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