6 Signature Suga Fashion Moves That Make Me Weak as a Kitten

I will sue you, Grammy-nominated Min Yoongi.

Suga BTS Birthday
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Min Yoongi is proof that some people are just born legends. The underground Korean rapper turned Grammy-nominated global idol has a birthday today, so in celebration of the BTS holiday, please indulge me while I brag about this humble genius.

Let's start with his talent. His songs are the emotional equivalent of a hot cup of coffee in the middle of a blizzard — though he'd probably prefer a metaphor of an iced Americano on a sweltering summer day. Either way, that's how a Suga song feels when you hear it. His music is a soul-soothing elixir hitting you just when and where you need it most, warming you with lyrics so utterly authentic and honest that each of his over 100 credited songs are each a hallmark in the human experience. Suga is a true artist so deeply devoted to creating beautiful music that he even wrote a love song about his piano — be right back, swooning over this tough and tender talented man.

He doesn't hold back — another trait that endears him to his legions of fans — and has spoken honestly about mental health, his hate of societal norms and unrealistic beauty standards, and support of the LGBTQIA+ community. ("Everyone is equal.")

Suga is also low-key the comedian of BTS. His deadpan delivery never fails to crack up his fellow members, and honestly, will you ever hear a better bullfrog impression than Yoongi's? As if all that weren't enough for one man to embody, he's also so beautiful and so stylish it will disrupt your sense of reality. That Daegu DNA blessed the world with a man so gorgeous that some days it's hard to tell if he's real or if he just walked out of a Vermeer painting. And his style! Even in sweatpants and a baseball hat — maybe especially in sweatpants and a baseball hat — Suga can cause a global meltdown. With that in mind and in honor of his birthday, here are 6 signature Suga fashion moves that make me weak as a kitten.


Suga BTS Birthday
BTS_twt/Twitter, Getty Images

We're all simps for headband Suga — sorry, I don't make the rules.

It's a look that is equally as gorgeous on both sides of his personality: they become scorchingly hot when Suga wears them while burning the stage and become heart-meltingly cute on domestic Yoongi shopping for groceries. If headband-Suga walked up to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and asked me to walk into a volcano for him, there's a good chance I'm dipping my toes in lava before he can say, hajima.

Fuzzy Sweaters

Suga BTS Birthday
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Ayo, Suga — what are you doing to us?

Nothing makes me collapse into a fetal position faster than Suga's commitment to fuzzy sweaters. Every time he shows up somewhere looking as soft as a kitty, my heart just cannot take it. Maybe it's because the cozy aesthetic increases his husband-material-quotient by 100%. Maybe it's seeing this deeply intense, no-nonsense No. 1 Billboard rapper who's secure enough in his masculinity to wear whatever he wants, regardless of his tough guy brand.

Statement Glasses

Suga BTS Birthday

Min Yoongi in glasses just hits differently, doesn't he?

He's not the first idol to embrace fun eyewear (hello, Park Jimin!), but his selcas with glasses give me whiplash with their duality. Wire-rimmed wearing genius producer, tinted shade donning hypebeast, oversized specs only a model could pull off — the vibes are endless and oh so pretty.

All Black

Suga BTS Birthday
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Since BTS's 2013 debut, Suga's devotion to all-black everything has been part of his dark (and wild) allure. He is the Korean Johnny Cash — the guitar-strumming man in black. What else could we expect from the idol who cited Batman as one of his style heroes?

Tuxedos & Suits

Suga BTS Birthday
Getty Images, BTS_twt/Twitter

Oh, tuxedoed Suga. I love you more than you love a bowl of tangerines.

I am forever-pining over all of Bangtan in their beautiful suits and tuxedos, but Suga wears them especially well. There's just something about an underground rapper swapping his baggy streetwear for a dapper red carpet moment (but not losing an ounce of that confident swagger) that does me in. I need at least one tuxedoed Min Yoongi pic a day to keep my youthful glow.

The (Too Short) D-2 Era

Suga BTS Birthday

Okay, this isn't technically a "style move" but I really do need to give Agust D his due applause. This era wore me out, kids.

Late in May 2020, when the full flex of the pandemic was really hitting us, Suga dropped his alter-Bangtan ego's second mixtape, D-2. It was a light in the dark. A bright and brilliant album just when everything else in the world was feeling especially bleak. I clung to Agust D's quick-tongued talent and agile dual-language wordplay like a weighted blanket, especially the lead single "Daechwita." I streamed it for days, listening to it so much that I would wake up with it playing in my brain before I even opened my eyes in the morning.

I also clung to the breathtaking set of new visuals that Agust D gifted to the world. Min Yoongi took on two roles: a sword-wielding, swaggering ice-blonde king and a dangerous rebel with a seriously sexy undercut. Pick your poison, Yoongi stans.

Happy birthday, King. Here's hoping your next present comes on the Grammys stage.

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