From the joy of floaty dresses to the revelation that "it's not cool to look miserable" — this is one Style Crush we want in on.

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When actresses Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry were first introduced on the set of 2014’s Vampire Academy, it was a fashion meet-cute, of sorts.

“I had just come from backpacking in Australia, and all I had with me were two pairs of shoes and whatever was in my backpack,” recalls Fry. “And there was Zoey, perfectly dressed for her character. So from that point on I’ve always been like, 'Zoey, how do you do this style stuff?'"

Naturally, the two became instant friends and fashion confidantes. And five years and many style phases later, the actresses still find time in their busy schedules (Deutch stars in Netflix’s upcoming series, The Politician; Fry stars in Epix’s upcoming series, The Godfather of Harlem) for a fashion check-in every once in a while.

So for InStyle’s October Style Crush chat, it only made sense that Fry would want to call up her old pal to talk shop. On the agenda? Vintage shopping scores, the joy of Birkenstocks, and why getting dressed is always more fun when it’s a group effort.

Read on for their full chat below.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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LUCY FRY: Zoey, I haven't seen you in forever. How are you, my love?

ZOEY DEUTCH: I'm good! We're always two ships passing in the night. Let’s catch up when I get back to L.A.

LF: Yes, text me! When I was thinking of who my style crush was, I immediately knew it had to be you. I’ll never forget when we met at the audition for Vampire Academy. I had just come from backpacking in Australia, and all I had with me were two pairs of shoes and whatever was in my backpack. And there you were, perfectly dressed for your character. So from that point on I’ve always been like, “Zoey, how do you do this style stuff?”

ZD: And then you got to know me and quickly found out that I can’t make a single style decision on my own. I text, like, 15 people before I choose what top I’m going to wear. I'm very opinionated, but I'm super indecisive, which is a nightmare for everyone around me. [laughs]

LF: Getting dressed is more fun when it feels like a group decision.

ZD: With me, it’s like the world’s decision. I’m like, “Attention, everybody, please tell me your opinion of my outfit.” What exactly was I wearing that day we met?

LF: You were in this cool, old-school rock T-shirt and Converse while I was in full princess-vampire mode. [laughs]

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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ZD: Yeah, but I was enamored with you because you were so casually like, “Yeah, I just got back from backpacking.” It was like you walked out of your own movie.

LF: Ha! Well, it’s been five years since then. How would you say your style has changed?

ZD: I think my style has always pulled in opposite directions. I love flowy prairie-girl dresses from Dôen [below], but I also feel great in a ’90s Dolce & Gabbana black-suit situation.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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LF: And you always make it look elegant, no matter what.

ZD: I’m going to text you a picture of what I look like right now and you won’t think that’s elegant. [laughs] But thank you, Luce. I feel the same way about your style.

LF: I think my look has gotten more playful. Back then I was wearing lots of floaty dresses, and now I enjoy embracing more masculine styles. I’m also trying to be a bit more sustainable when I can. Do you have a favorite look so far?

ZD: I loved the white Tory Burch dress that I wore to the Met Ball [below]. It was simple and chic, plus I could eat anything I wanted in it without worrying about busting out.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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LF: That is a real concern, for sure. [laughs]

ZD: It is! I also felt very honored to collaborate with Tory in designing it. It was basically my dream wedding dress, so when I get married I’ll have to re-wear that or walk down the aisle in pajamas. I also really loved the pink Armani Privé dress that I wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party [below]. I felt like a fancy cupcake.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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LF: I loved that one. It’s funny because my first-ever red carpet was the one that we did for Vampire Academy. I wish I could’ve told myself to just breathe.

ZD: Oh, I still need to remind myself to smile on the carpet. It’s not cool to look miserable. I’m just trying to get better at showing what I actually feel, which is gratitude and excitement rather than, like, fear. [laughs]

LF: It does feel a bit like deer in the headlights with all the cameras.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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ZD: I know. That’s why you have to wear what makes you feel good. I always like to say style is for the person you are and trends are for the person you want to be. But trends fade, so if you only shop for them, two years later you’ll want to throw out everything in your closet.

LF: Totally agree. That’s one of the reasons why I love vintage shopping so much.

ZD: Me too! My mom [Lea Thompson] is a master thrifter, so it has always been a part of our weekend tradition. I’d like to say a big thank you to Mama Lea for introducing me to sustainable fashion at a young age.

LF: I’ve had so many great vintage finds in New York — old Levi’s jeans, jackets, T-shirts. Where I’m from, in Australia, American T-shirts with prints of places like West Virginia are actually really cool.

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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ZD: It was the same thing when I went to Japan. I’d be walking down the street and see a bunch of very cool people in high-end designers with T-shirts that said, like, Syracuse University Basketball. [laughs]

LF: What type of outfit makes you feel the most like yourself?

ZD: I’d say a pair of my mom’s high-waist Levi’s, a short-sleeve white shirt, and the black rubber Birkenstocks I wear constantly.

LF: I have those in white! I’ve worn mine to death too.

ZD: They’re like adult water shoes that you get to wear all the time. [laughs] Luce, what’s your favorite thing to wear when you have the day off?

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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LF: OK, so this is a very Australian answer, but I feel the most myself when I’m on my surfboard. So, at the moment, I’m loving these Madewell bikinis that are made from recycled water bottles.

ZD: They used such crazy materials to make that line.

LF: I know, and all of it was super cute. If you could swap closets with anyone in the world, whose would you choose?

ZD: Katharine Hepburn’s. She dripped class while straddling the line of what was conventionally accepted in beauty.

LF: I’d say Cate Blanchett’s. She’s so artistic with her choices. Maybe if I wore her clothes, I could be her. [laughs]

ZD: And she embraces fashion with a sense of humor too!

LF: But, honestly, Zoey, I’m amazed by how you put looks together too. How do you decide what to go with for an event?

Style Crush Fry Deutch
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ZD: My first career dream was to be a patternmaker, so I’ve always been a bit obsessive about fashion. If there’s a rack of 15 looks, I try on every single one, sometimes twice.

LF: I think there’s a real art to how you dress.

ZD: Aw, Luce, thank you! But you’re the one who’s always had such a strong sense of self. You’ve never once sacrificed your style for anything, which I so admire. I’d love a lesson in that if you want to hook a girl up.

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