Chrissy Teigen's Family Vacation in Italy Is a Foodie's Dream Come True

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are living the dolce vita while on their first family vacation together since having baby Luna in April. The family was spotted at LAX Friday where the new mom Snapchatted a couple teasers of their departure, asking her baby girl, "Where we going Lunes?" and showing a slow-motion airplane window view of the landscape during their descent, captioning the video, "Guess wherrrrre."

It looks like where is an idyllic destination in Italy. Teigen kickstarted her first morning on vacation taking to Snapchat to capture a 360 degree view of her dreamy surroundings before heading straight into the kitchen to cook up some Italian cuisine.

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The sun is seen just rising in the morning sky as birds chirp in the distance. We even catch a glimpse of a rustic Italian villa surrounded by lush green landscape. In the next shot, the Cravings author and lover of cooking shows off a basket of "fresh and beautiful" Italian grown produce — juicy tomatoes, basil, and mushrooms are seen among the bounty. "Morning tomato sauce?" Teigen asks in the next caption.

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In the following snaps the 30-year-old stunner gets to cooking while also making note of her Italian ingredients before we get a glimpse of doting husband John waiting patiently for breakfast across the table, just past an oversize basket of eggs.

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"Somewhere in Italy watching family guy and making tomatoe sauce at 7:30 am," Teigen reveals (she jokes about her typo in the next snap). The model's homemade tomato sauce is just about done when baby Luna wakes up. "Look who's awake!" Teigen captions an adorable video of a robe-clad Legend carrying the sweet baby while gently kissing her head.

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We can't wait to see what's next for the family on their Italian adventure. It looks like they couldn't be off to a better start.

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