Chloe Grace Moretz Posts Sweet Photo of Brooklyn Beckham

chloe moretz
Photo: instagram / chloegmoretz

Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham may have kept their relationship under wraps for awhile—she only confirmed they were together last month—but now that they're out, there's no holding back the sweet couple Instagrams. Moretz posted this shot (below) just yesterday with the caption: "Hey @brooklynbeckham I like the way ya look at me, that's all :)"

There are plenty more gems where that came from. Such as, how can you beat Beckham with a puppy?

There are also the quiet moments, like in the back of a private car.

Or how about some wholesome shots: see the two taking in Disneyland with a gang of friends.

Beckham, who has a skater charm to his look, is also doing his part. His shots include cute couple selfies, such as the one below.

The two have a sense of humor too. See the caption in this couple's moment.

As for how they broke the original couple news, Moretz told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live during a game of "Plead the Fifth." Cohen recalled how Moretz had insisted the pair were "just friends" when he last interviewed her "before she was old enough to vote." To which she replied: "I was shady."

Though the two now seem to be inseparable, they're also busy working on their careers. Moretz has been promoting Neighbors 2, while Beckham has been modeling for the likes of Vogue Japan and Vogue China. Now that's #relationshipgoals.

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