Every Time The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay Was Too Good for Any of These Men

Rachel Lindsay - Bachelorette
Photo: Michael Yada/ABC/Getty

Rachel Lindsay may be the most fierce Bachelorette that ABC has ever casted. She’s a brilliant lawyer, she’s always well spoken, and, most importantly, she’s unwilling to take crap from any of her suitors.

Lindsay has been vocal about what she wants from the start, telling anyone who would listen that she’s looking for a husband and a family, not just another boyfriend. And she refuses to let herself get played, evidenced by when she quickly sent DeMario packing after discovering that he had a girlfriend when he joined the show.

Our take? While Lindsay is nothing short of amazing, the men competing for her heart on this season of the Bachelorette seem miles behind her—in terms of their maturity, intelligence, and articulacy.

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In short, Lindsay deserved better. Watch the Bachelorette decide between her final three guys (Peter, Bryan, and Eric) on the season finale, which airs this Monday, Aug. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. But first, here are 10 times that Lindsay was honestly too good for any of these men.

1. When she made her personal motto “Keep it 100”:

2. And she refused to be played by any man:

3. When she proved she could do this in heels:

4. And she knew just how epic her basketball skills were:

5. When she delivered this solid line:

6. And wouldn’t settle for anything but the best:

7. When she wouldn’t let Lee take over her narrative:

8. And she was always in control of the conversation:

9. When she knew exactly what she was there for:

10. And didn’t settle for anything less:

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