Here's What Alex Rodriguez Really Thinks About That "J-Rod" Nickname

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Though the official start of summer 2017 is still one day away, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have already begun heating up the forthcoming season!

The power couple are completely smitten with each other. And honestly: we're smitten with the duo, too. They're combining forces in the love department, but that's not enough for our celeb-obsessed world, as many of us have taken it upon ourselves to nickname the pair "J-Rod". Neither are strangers to hyphenated monikers—with her as J.Lo and him as A-Rod. But do Rodriguez and Lopez really like their new couple nickname?

"I'm fine with everything, it's close to A-Rod," Rodriguez stated at a Shark Tank press event in Los Angeles on Monday. And Lopez's thoughts on the name? The star confirmed with Extra, "She's pretty easy going, I think she likes it too." That's good because we were really getting attached to it.

The duo's latest vacation included a weekend in Paris, so you know the romance and cuteness were on high. "We landed early this morning, it was great, it was great, 15 hours of sleep, it was good," Rodriguez revealed about their trip back. "The museums are always good, and just walking around Paris is awesome." We couldn't agree more!

And though flying to and fro to see your new love is easier for the Hollywood set than most, their chaotic schedules often make it impossible for celebrity relationships to work. Lopez is a star on Shades of Blue, working on a new Spanish language album, and a judge on World of Dance, while Rodriguez is joining Shark Tank and Good Morning America. So as you might imagine, the pair need to really be all in. "If you want to be together you are together," Rodriguez affirmed. "Our kids get along really well, we're both from New York, we're both Latin, we're both in our forties, we're really enjoying life, but she really is one of the most impressive and smartest human beings I have ever met." How sweet!

Of his new role with the hit competition show, Rodriguez stated, "All the work they've done really is a symbol of the American dream." His GMA position will include, "a little bit of the business sports side, parents, just feel good stories."

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A power couple, indeed.

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