Star-Approved Workout Gear

Fila Skele-Toes Amp Running Shoes
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Star-Approved Workout Gear

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Hollywood Fit Club

celeb fitness gear
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It's no secret that celebs spend countless hours getting their bodies red-carpet ready. While the results are easy to see, we rarely spot them breaking a sweat-but we know they do it in style. We've rounded up the gear Hollywood's fit club relies on to stay in shape, from a sexy yoga bra to fashion forward workout wear and (of course!) the coolest new sneakers. So if a new body is what you're after this new year, get suited up like a celebrity. Bet that will get you motivated!

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Reebok EasyTone Inspire

Jordin Sparks
Courtesy Reebok, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On break from filming her new movie Sparkle, Jordin Sparks was spotted wearing these new kicks. The balance ball-inspired pods on the outside allow the wearer to tone up while simply walking around.


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Wii Fit Plus

Eva Longoria
Courtesy Nintendo Wii, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Expanding on the original Wii Fit system, the new software takes exercise, balance, and toning in your own home to the next level. Hop on a snowboard or walk a tightrope like fan Eva Longoria.


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Victoria's Secret Pink Yoga Push-Up Bra

Victoria’s Secret Pink Yoga Push-Up Bra
Courtesy Victoria's Secret, Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Who says sports bras can't be sexy? This racer back pull-on comes in super cute graphics and colors.


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Via Prive Activewear

Via Prive Activewear
Courtesy Via Prive, Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

Olivia Munn is a fan of this fashion-meets-function line of workout wear. The cool colors, cuts and flattering fabrics might just get you to the gym after all.

Lily Bra and Lotus Crop Pants, $38 and $78;

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FitFlop Super High Sneaker

FitFlop Super High Sneaker
Courtesy of Fitflop; RexUSA

Jennifer Garner is a fan of this sneaker, which allows you to work out your muscles while on a leisurely stroll. Thanks to the sneaker's unique midsole, thighs, calves, and glutes become more toned with repeated use.


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Ashby Ribbed Tank

Ashby Ribbed Tank
Courtesy of Ashby; Getty Images

When Kim Kardashian hits the gym, she sports one of these comfortable tanks. The soft, cotton-free fabric won't lose its shape, and dries quickly after a workout.


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Old Navy Techno World Guitar Tee

Old Navy Techno World Guitar Tee
Courtesy Old Navy, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Thanks to Old Navy's high tech tees, you can practice guitar chords in mid-jog! The rocker-inspired tops play real guitar chords, and Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari is a fan of the brand's activewear.


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Fila Skele-Toes Amp Running Shoes

Fila Skele-Toes Amp Running Shoes
Courtesy Fila, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Nicole Richie wears these four-toed sneakers to give her workout a more natural feel. While they don't look like conventional running shoes, the Fila Skele-Toes shoes conform to your foot's shape, making for a more comfortable run. $75;

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