Sophie Turner Wore the Best Maternity Dress That Isn't Actually a Maternity Dress

All thanks to the stretchy fabric of our youth.

Sophie Turner Popcorn Maternity Dress
Photo: Getty

Last night, Sophie Turner stepped out in the best maternity dress that isn't actually a maternity dress at all, thanks to the very stretchy (albeit divisive) fabric of our youth.

For an appearance on The Tonight Show, Turner, who is pregnant with her second child, wore what appeared to be, at first glance at least, a blue body-con maxi dress with long sleeves, but upon closer inspection it was actually a "popcorn" dress — you know, the type of garment constructed from the one-size-fits-all material that is tiny enough to fit a doll at first, but eventually expands to fit just about any body type? Well, as it turns out, the Y2K fabric is also a genius sartorial solution for pregnant people.

Sophie teamed the dress with rhinestone-studded PVC heels, silver jewelry, and long loose waves.

During her chat with host Jimmy Fallon, Turner spoke about her most recent Met Gala experience and how she still gets starstruck at those kinds of events. "I'm really bad around celebrities. I can't quite fathom that I'm actually invited to these things and I'm not a competition winner," she said, adding, "Every celebrity I come into contact with, I like act up or say something stupid and recently it's been, if a celebrity interacts with me, I immediately just shut them down and I'm like, 'I don't want anything to do with you.'"

She gave an example of how she rejected Kendall Jenner's invite to her famous family's Met Gala afterparty just a few days ago. "I love the Kardashians but I think she's so gorgeous in real life and I was so struck by her beauty. They were having this low-key after-party, she went, 'Do you want to come?' and I just went, 'No. No. No, I don't,'" Sophie recalled. "Why do I do this to myself?"

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