Sofía Vergara's Niece Claudia Will Make You Do a *Serious* Double Take

Meet Claudia, Sofía Vergara’s 25-year-old niece. If you didn’t already pick up on it, her resemblance to the Modern Family star is pretty strong. Here's Insta proof:

Wait! Is that Claudia, or Sofia?!

It’s like a mini Sofía!

Claudia’s Instagram is basically a time machine. It's as though Sofia—who's now 45—has morphed into a chic millennial.

Claudia Vergara 

After thoroughly stalking Claudia on the platform, we learned a few things about the Colombian actress’s niece. And, we also came to the conclusion that Claudia's moment in the spotlight fast approaching. Let's review.

Revelation #1: She’s an Aspiring Fashion Designer

"Wearing my beautifull sueter on the set from my nieces Claudia Damiela new company !!!!!" Vergara wrote on Facebook in 2012—"sueter" is Spanish for sweater, btw. It appears that the line is no longer, but we're excited to see what Claudia gets into next!

Revelation #2: Her Selfie Game Is Strong

Yes, yes, work those air kisses.

Revelation #3: She’s super close with Sofía’s son, Manolo

Aww, cousin love.

Revelation #4: Her Social Life is poppin’

She attended the wedding of 2015, of course...

Oh, and the Emmys...

Premieres are her stomping ground, natch...

Can we be her plus one?

Revelation #5: She eats like a queen—or at least instagrams like one

We're going to need the recipe for everything below. Oh, and that entire dollop of whipped cream.

We predict stardom is in the cards for this one!

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