Sofia Vergara Says She Was "Never a Victim" After Clips of Ellen DeGeneres Making Fun of Her Accent Resurface

"I was always in on the joke."

Sofia Vergara doesn't want you to feel sorry for her. After a video compiling several clips of Ellen DeGeneres poking fun at the Columbian actress's accent began circulating on Twitter, Vegara defended the talk show host's jokes.

"Two comedians having fun with each other to entertain," she wrote alongside a link to one of the segments in full, adding: "I was never a victim guys, I was always in the joke."

In the video posted by Vergara, the two talked about a CoverGirl commercial they shot together. "They give her the hardest lines, too, because we have to describe what's in the CoverGirl makeup and she has such a hard time pronouncing any of the ingredients," DeGeneres joked, to which Vergara quipped back: "I think because you are much more famous than me and older than me so they give you priority and you read the script first and then you're the one that makes me say those words because there's no way."

Recently, DeGeneres responded to allegations of fostering a "toxic" workplace, and apologized to staffers for her role. During an all-staff Zoom call, Ellen announced the firing of three producers — Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman, and Jonathan Norman — while explaining the press coverage of her not being nice. "I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be and try to learn from my mistakes," she shared, admitting that she is an introvert.

"I care about each and every one of you. I am grateful for each and every one of you. I feel like I’ve kind of let the ball drop a bit because I’m focused on the show, I go in and I do the show, and I’ve just let everybody to do their jobs – to run different departments. And it just became a well-oiled machine, and I think that is the problem," she said. "It’s not a machine. This is people. These are human beings that are working hard every single day to put this together. This show would not be what it is without all of you."

Ellen also directly addressed a rumor alleging she doesn't allow staff to make eye contact with her. “I don’t know where it started,” she admitted. “Please talk to me. Look me in the eye.” Page Six reported that she went on to call the speculation "insane," saying, “it’s crazy, just not true, I don’t know how it started. [It’s] not who I am.”

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