'Bridgerton' 's Simone Ashley Used an Inmate's Tutorial to Give Herself a Prison-Style Tattoo

Yes, you read that right.

simone ashley in a black and white dress 2022 Oscars After-Party
Photo: Photo by Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

If you, like me, are currently in the middle of streaming Bridgerton season 2 in all of its binge-able glory, you've likely noticed Simone Ashley's character, Kate Sharma, is pretty much a certified badass. Between horseback riding, hunting, and constantly challenging gender norms, Simone's character is full of surprises — and it seems that badass energy isn't too far off from the star herself. The actress let fans in on a secret of her own when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to chat about all things Bridgerton, Oscars after-party moments, and ... prison tattoos?

During the appearance, Simone took us back to the 2020 lockdown and shared that once she grew tired of baking banana bread and tye-dying (like the rest of us), she was on the hunt for something else to fill her time.

"I thought it would be a good idea to get my own tattoo pen with the needle and everything," Ashley said. "It's called a rotary pen."

Although the buying process for the tool was "surprisingly easy," Simone explained that figuring out how to use it was a different story. After a quick search of "how to do tattoo at home," the actress fell down an information rabbit hole only to find herself taking advice from a surprising source.

"I was like, 'Oh, this guy is using some really interesting stuff,'" the star laughed. "And then I looked at the username and it was called PrisonTattoo.com. I looked at his videos and I was like, 'Wow, there's an inmate making videos in prison. This is a fab idea.'"

Simone used the prison-style technique to tattoo a sphynx cat onto her left ankle, which she showed in the interview, and revealed that she's also used the pen to tattoo former castmates.

While we may have to wait a while to see what's next for the Bridgerton universe, here's to hoping Simone's character returns for season 3 — preferably with a new tat or two.

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