Simone Ashley Wore an Ab-Baring Cutout Dress and Sky-High Stilettos

And she spoke about her admiration for her Bridgerton character Kate Sharma.

Simone Ashley
Simone Ashley. Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Simone Ashley is sharing what she loves the most about her Bridgerton character Kate Sharma — and doing it in a white glamorous look.

On Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ashley sat down with guest hosts Tiffany Haddish and tWitch to discuss season 2 of the Netflix smash hit Bridgerton. For the appearance, she wore a striking white, tea-length dress with two ab-baring cutouts. The spaghetti-strap garment had an elegant, twisted midsection that flowed into an A-line skirt. She kept her accessories to a minimum only opting for drop earrings and lace-up strappy stilettos. Her hair was worn curly with a deep side part, and she swiped on sparkly purple eyeshadow.

During the interview, Ashley explained what she found most admirable about her character. "I like the fact that she [Kate] wasn't a people pleaser, and she wasn't afraid to be opinionated and controversial, break the rules a little bit," she told the hosts. "I mean she was there to protect her sister and I wanted to stay true to that throughout the whole story," she added. "So, yeah, I really liked that."

Simone also opened up about her cast mate Austin, who played the family's beloved Corgi — and arguably stole the show. She explained that the pup wasn't actually a trained set dog and they had to feed him sausages to entice him to film. "I don't think he was a set dog, like an acting dog," she said. "I think he fit the aesthetic for the role, and we had to keep feeding him sausages. He would eat anything, this dog."

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