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Sienna Miller's movies keep her hot in Hollywood. Whether she's rocking short hair or a bob, a bikini or awards show dress, the sexy GI Joe star is always the height of fashion. Sienna Miller's street style is also on point, and every interview reveals an understanding of what looks best on her, whether it's hair (be it a a pixie haircut or hair color change) or clothes.

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All Of Your Favorite Celebs Are Wearing This Mall Brand Again

Designer this, designer that — not a day goes by without a celeb showing off some flashy runway look. But every now and then, they'll take a break and rock some affordable pieces, that us "normals" can wear, too.  Lately, Madewell's the brand that's staying all over their radars, especially Taylor Swift. She's worn cool, casual pieces from the label more than three times this summer. And she's not showing any signs of slowing down. The obsession makes sense because Madewell's got everything you need to put together a stylish casual outfit without charging up that credit card. From soft T-shirts to figure-flattering shorts, check out more celebs rocking their Madewell designs below, and get your hands on their exact pieces while you can. VIDEO: See Taylor Swift's Red Carpet Comeback at the Billboard Music Awards

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