Shakira Dyed Her Hair 'Little Mermaid' Red

She's giving us 1999 Shakira vibes.

Does anyone remember Shakira's 1999 MTV Unplugged performance? Anyone? Well, not to worry if you don't (or if you may be a little too young to even know what Unplugged is), because the singer is bringing back the long red locks she wore during that iconic performance.

On Twitter, she posted a picture showing off her new bright red tresses with the caption, "Voilà!" In the image, her hair is long and straight and she has on a similarly hued stripe shirt and pink lipstick.

Comparing this to her '90s look, it almost looks like the new pic could be a throwback photo.

While it's unclear whether or this is a permanent change, it's certainly a switch-up from the different shades of blonde we've seen from her over the last few years. And if red hair comes with performances like "No Creo," we'll take it.

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