Serena Williams and Olympia Twinned in Hot Pink Bathing Suits

And three makes triplets — sort of.

Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia are no strangers to mommy-and-me twinning moments. There have been matching slogan bathing suits, coordinated Stuart Weitzman campaigns, and even some clothes-sharing, but Williams's latest Instagram post may just be the cutest thanks to a cameo from a very special guest: Olympia's doll Qai Qai.

In the photo, Williams and Olympia are posing poolside in identical hot pink Nike one-pieces and a few feet away, Qai Qai has the same suit on. Williams shared that the tiny suit was a gift from Nike, not just something that the mom-and-daughter duo picked up on a shopping trip.

"When @nike makes a swimsuit for not just @olympiaohanian but @realqaiqai too," Williams wrote alongside the photo.

Back when Williams unveiled her campaign with Stuart Weitzman, she opened up about working with her daughter, calling her a "mini-me," and noting that she hopes to inspire her daughter — and is inspired by her, too.

"I love that it's called #FootstepstoFollow because she inspires every step I take and I hope I inspire her, too," she wrote. "Because while I try to teach her how to be a positive influence, she in fact teaches me how to be a stronger person every day. It's the best part about being a mom."

And as for the shoot itself, Williams said that Olympia was a professional. All it took was a playlist that included "Baby Shark" and Megan Thee Stallion's "Body."

"We had the 'Baby Shark' playing, she loves her little Disney songs, and then she loves the 'Body' song [by Megan Thee Stallion], but I put the clean version on," Williams said.

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