Serena Williams Said Meghan Markle Handled Her Oprah Interview With "Poise" and "Class"

Williams and Markle are the ultimate BFFs.

Serena Williams only had the best things to say when she was asked about her pal Meghan Markle's recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. During an appearance on Stuart Weitzman's Shine Series, Williams explained why she spoke out after the interview and why she threw her support behind Meghan after she spoke out about racism in the royal family and the ways that the press covered her in comparison to other royals.

Williams's appearance on Shine Series marked the show's debut. According to People, Behnaz Ghahramani, Stuart Weitzman's chief marketing officer, is hoping to highlight people, like Williams, and how they inspire people and show viewers ways to let their "strength shine through."

Serena Williams Shine Series

Williams spoke about how Meghan's interview couldn't have been "easy" and that she showed just how selfless and confident she is. Throughout the interview, Williams notes, Meghan showed "poise" and "class."

"Meghan is a great person and I think the epitome of strength, the epitome of confidence, the epitome of just selflessness, and the epitome of everything is just her and everything that she's gone through," Williams said. "And I know it's not easy, and you can see from the interview that it wasn't easy. But she had so much poise and she still had so much class."

Williams's latest comments follow her statement that came after the CBS interview aired.

"I just think that she is the strongest person I know. I don't know anyone else that could handle anything on such a global scale the way that she's had to handle things that are just untrue — minute after minute. Not even day after day. Just minute after minute, another untrue allegation being thrown at her," Williams said. "I think it was important for me to say something because I'm tired of sitting back and seeing all this negativity that's just not true."

She also posted a statement on Instagram after the interview, writing, "Meghan Markle, my selfless friend, lives her life — and leads by example — with empathy and compassion. She teaches me every day what is means to be truly noble. Her words illustrate the pain and cruelty she's experienced."

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