People Think Selena Gomez's New Makeup Line Copied Fenty Beauty


Selena Gomez's highly anticipated beauty line, Rare Beauty, just launched, but Twitter is already noticing a few striking similarities between Gomez's venture into makeup and another celebrity line: Rihanna's Fenty Beauty. Twitter user N. (@biebsidea) posted the receipts — and it's pretty telling when the side-by-side shots show more than just a passing resemblance.

There's no denying that the products do look alike. Rare Beauty's makeup brush and Fenty's both share a soft pink hue, though there are slight differences in the handle and the ferrule (though really, makeup brushes across all brands tend to look pretty similar). The case for copycat cosmetic packaging is a little clearer in the other callout, which shows Rare Beauty's glass bottle alongside a Fenty counterpart. Both have pink lids, frosted glass, straightforward, sans-serif branding. Again, plenty of bottles look like this, but plenty of bottles don't, too. N. also shared a screencap from Instagram, where users were letting Fenty Beauty know that shoppers were well aware of the striking similarities. And, like Rihanna herself, whoever was put in charge of Fenty's social media feeds wasn't afraid to get down and dirty with commenters.

Other Twitter users acknowledged the drama, but assured beauty die-hards that Fenty had nothing to worry about.

Gomez's supporters and people that didn't think this was anything more than a coincidence offered their opinions, as well.

Neither Rihanna nor Gomez have officially offered their thoughts on the situation, but Fenty's account may have said everything that needs to be said with that singular comment: "OOP."

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