It’s no secret that Selena Gomez looks incredible lately, but how exactly did she get in such amazing shape? Her one surprising fitness tip might go against everything you thought you knew about losing weight.

According to her long-time trainer and nutritionist, Amy Rosoff Davis, Gomez doesn’t weigh herself. “I am not a fan of weighing yourself. I think it breeds obsessive thoughts and behaviors. If you work out and eat healthy, your body should do the rest!” Davis told Byrdie. “I prefer the jean test. You know how your pants fit, so go off of that instead of a number. What does it even mean to weigh a certain number, right?”

We are so on board. According to her trainer, Gomez also switches things up regularly in the gym. “If you keep your same old routine, you will most likely get bored and wind up skipping the gym,” she said. “[Selena and I] do everything from Pilates to hiking to dance cardio to circuit training to yoga and spinning—the list goes on.”

And while her workout changes daily, there’s one thing that she always makes sure to do after getting her sweat on. “No matter what the workout, we always make time to stretch. It keeps your muscles long and lean, improves your performance, helps your joints, and enables your muscles to work to their best ability.”

Selena Gomez
Credit: The Megaa Agency

Of course, Gomez’s fitness routine goes hand-in-hand with her diet, and judging by Davis’s gorg Instagram account, the two keep it pretty clean. From salads and grain bowls to healthy snacks like avocados and tomatoes, Gomez certainly gets in her greens.

Hey, it’s certainly working.