By Elizabeth Renkert
Updated Jun 23, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
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Sedona Legge - InStyle June 2016 LEAD
Credit: Johan Sandberg

If Blake Lively can't be your real-life big sister, having her play the role onscreen is a close second, says Sedona Legge, who shares a fictional family with the vivacious actress in the surfer drama The Shallows, in theaters June 24. "I got to hang out with her all the time when she wasn't filming," says Legge. "I even got to hold her baby." As Lively helped her navigate the plunge into Hollywood, Legge simultaneously got schooled in eco-friendly fashion. "I just did my first runway show for Undress," she notes proudly. "Every gown was made out of recycled materials."

Nibbling on home-baked vegan chocolate chip cookies in the Sydney town house she shares with her mom, Legge says her own look is far more casual. For her chat with InStyle, she's sporting the skinniest of skinny Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, an off-the-shoulder Free People top, and black ankle boots that she hunted down at T.J. Maxx. Named for the mystical Arizona city, she spent most of her life toggling between Los Angeles and Sydney (she speaks with a sweet Californian accent but switches effortlessly to a deep Aussie drawl on demand), which she says provided the foundation necessary to become an actress.

"To play a character, you have to adapt to new scenarios and experience a whole different way of looking at the world," she says. Though she seems like the quintessential cool girl, Legge insists she's come into her own only in the past year. "Kids can be cruel, and I've always been insecure," she says. "But it's important to find your inner kindness without caring what others think. If you're satisfied with yourself, you can do anything."

Sedona Legge - InStyle June 2016 EMBED
Credit: Johan Sandberg

Photos: Johan Sandberg/Artlist; hair: Sophie Roberts/Oribe/The Artist Group; makeup: Kellie Stratton/Charlotte Tilbury/M.A.P.; styling: James Valeri; manicure: Oli Antunes; production: M.A.P. Australia