Colin Jost Didn't Want Scarlett Johansson to Spoil 'Black Widow' and That's True Love

Love of Marvel movies, that is.

Proving that he's a better man than most Marvel fans and also showing that he has no idea what sort of resources he has at his fingertips, Colin Jost doesn't want his wife, Scarlett Johansson — you know, the actual Black Widow — to tell him what's going on in the very tangled web of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During an appearance on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, Johansson said that Jost doesn't want any sort of spoilers, even when Johansson's inadvertently offering them up.

Johansson told host Jess Cagle that Jost has been into comics since he was growing up, which could explain why he doesn't want to know what's going on with Marvel movies, but it's also just evidence to his extreme level of self-control.

"I think he read comics growing up, he did. He was a big Wolverine fan. So that, but he's pretty ... he peeps it, he doesn't like any spoilers though, so I can't tell him anything. And he doesn't even pry," Johansson said. "Even if I'm telling him, when we were shooting this film in London, Colin was also there doing, he was shooting Tom and Jerry, which was, worked out great. Cause we could, you know, we were together in the same city for a long time, which is rare."

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost
Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Even when Johansson asked him to help her out and run lines for the movie, he was hesitant, even going as far as to ask her whether or not the mini-rehearsal session would contain major spoilers.

"If I was in the middle of a big action set piece or sequence or whatever, he couldn't hear, he was just not wanting to hear any, anything about it," she finished. "Anything about the details of, of course, he wants to know how was your day, but as soon as it would bleed into, 'Can you read the scene with ...,' he was like, 'Am I going to get any spoilers, or like ...' He needed to, he wanted to know spoiler alert before we read lines together. Can you believe that?"

And while fellow Avenger Chris Evans won't need any spoilers, Johansson said that working with him for so long — going back before all the Marvel flicks to 2004's The Perfect Score — has been amazing for both of them.

"I think find a lot of humor in things that are ironic. And I, you know, we just have a great friendship. And I think similarly to Steve [Rogers] and Nat [Romanoff, Black Widow], you know, we spend a lot of time talking about relationships. We spend a lot of time talking about our families, other people's relationships, like all of it, you know, we could talk for hours, and about all kinds of stuff," she said. "And, I think, you know, in a way, the sort of like big sister relationship that Nat has sometimes with Steve, I think we, even though Chris is a couple of years older than me, but I think we sort of have that same dynamic."

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