Save 1,000 Holiday Calories

Skip Eggnog, Pick Cider
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Save 1,000 Holiday Calories

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Skip Cocktails, Pick Red Wine

David Kirsch - Heidi Klum - Anne Hathaway - Expert Holiday Eating Tips
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"Holidays shouldn't be an excuse to disconnect your brain and your stomach. Enjoy them, but eat and drink sensibly," says David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and nutritionist who has worked with stars like Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. "Avoid sugary cocktails and go for a vodka/soda or a glass or two of red wine, drinking plenty of water in between."

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Skip the Cheese & Crackers, Pick Almonds

Jackie Keller - Reese Witherspoon - Angelina Jolie - Charlize Theron - Expert Holiday Eating Tips
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"Lightly grazing plates of food at parties is part of the unconscious nature of holiday eating. Trick yourself into allowing the brain to kick in and make healthy choices by occupying your hands with a glass of water or wine," says Jackie Keller, celebrity wellness coach who has worked with stars like Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, and Charlize Theron. "If you see a cheese plate and have to put down your drink before you can pick up the food and put it in your mouth, it can be enough to make you stop and pick the right food or not eat it at all."

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Skip Dark Meat, Pick White Meat

Mike Alexander - Ashlee Simpson - Jessica Simpson - Kristin Cavallari - Holiday Expert Eating Tips

"Don't just pile food onto your plate and eat it. There are many small ways to cut back and still enjoy the holidays," says celebrity trainer Mike Alexander, who has worked with Jessica Simpson and Amanda Bynes. "Go for white meat-it has less fat than dark meat."

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Skip Marshmallows, Pick Citrus Infusion

Carrie Latt Wiatt - Salma Hayek - Matt Damon - Holiday Expert Eating Tips
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"You can help increase the nutrient content of seasonal favorites by infusing a variety of fresh ingredients," says Carrie Latt Wiatt, celebrity nutritionist, whose past clients include Salma Hayek and Matt Damon. "Add fresh grapefruit to your sweet potatoes. It invigorates this common side dish with a burst of flavor." If you're preparing the meal try the recipe from, but if you're not cooking just push off the marshmallows.

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Skip the Bread, Pick Stuffing

Jeannette Jenkins - Christina Applegate - Queen Latifah - Holiday Expert Eating Tips
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Keep your calories down by minimizing your bread intake. Have your holiday stuffing and skip the bread appetizer. If you're cooking, "Use whole wheat or multi grain bread crumbs for stuffing instead of highly processed white bread. This will add more fiber and less sugar to your stuffing," says Jeanette Jenkins, celebrity health coach who has worked with clients like Christina Applegate and Queen Latifah.

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Skip Pecan Pie, Pick Pumpkin

Joy Bauer - Holiday Expert Eating Tips
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"Pecan pie is the richest, sugariest pie and believe me, any nutrition the pecans offer is far negated by the rest of the ingredients," says Joy Bauer, expert nutritionist who has worked with celebrities and Olympic athletes. "All that sugar does a number on your insides. Choose pumpkin pie instead-the incorporation of fiber-filled pumpkin drives down your calories per slice."

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Skip Sugar Cookies, Pick Gingerbread

Skip Sugar Cookies, Pick Gingerbread
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"My clients love desserts, like most people do. If they do opt for holiday cookies, I suggest having one Meringue, gingerbread, or a molasses cookie to satisfy a craving," says Latt Wiatt. "I like these cookies because they are festive for the season and contain fewer calories than other varieties."

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Skip Eggnog, Pick Cider

Skip Eggnog, Pick Cider
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"Most drinks are loaded with sugar, but eggnog is loaded with artery-clogging fat, too," says Bauer. "Treat yourself to a mug of warm spiked cider instead."

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