A new kind of accessory.

Leave it to Sarah Paulson to turn an injury into a major fashion moment. For Sunday's Golden Globes celebration, the actress, who was nominated for her work in Ratched, donned a beautiful black custom Prada gown and matched it with the prettiest arm cast we've ever seen.

Sarah Paulson arm cast
Credit: Getty Images

The custom lilac Prada cast was covered in palettes to emulate petals of a flower. And, of course, the cast was embellished with the trademark Prada triangle on the hand of the cast. And honestly, I want one.

The voluminous gown had a full, pleated skirt, an off-the-shoulder effect, and a cinched waist with a black belt. Beaded flowers and pockets (!!) completed the fabulous dress.

Paulson's longtime stylist Karla Welch posted the whole look to her Instagram writing, "When you're Lady Paulson, you get a custom Prada cast to go with your custom Prada dress."

And the cast actually reminds us of a trend seen on the Prada fall 2021 runway: purple gloves embellished with a tiny bag on the hand.

According to Vogue, the actress was injured while filming the new season of American Crime Story, which is titled ACS: The Impeachment. Paulson will play Linda Tripp, the former White House employee responsible for taping Monica Lewinsky's (played by Beanie Feldstein) confession of her affair with President Bill Clinton.