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The Best New Movies to Go See This January

They say January is like the Monday of the months — in other words, kind of a drag. But the way we see it, January means a fresh start and an opportunity to crush a new set of goals (like watching something other than The Office on Netflix). The thing we're most looking forward to this year? The movies, duh. The first batch of new movies in January 2019 is a good one. We've got a solid selection of intense thrillers and heart-warming stories – exactly what we all need right now.  RELATED: The TV Shows Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2019 Start the year off right by with this roundup of the movies now playing, and some coming soon in the year year, that we're most excited to see. RELATED: Everything to Stream on Netflix This January

This Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson Interview Is a Glorious Train Wreck

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