Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains How She Went from Buffy to Business Woman

Can Buffy Summers make it in baking? Actress-turned-entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to find out. The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star founded Foodstirs, a company that sells user-friendly organic baking kits and mixes with the goal of helping families connect more in the kitchen. Foodstirs' products promise organic ingredients and super-convenient preparation— perfect for busy families who want to enjoy homemade treats.

In this exclusive video interview courtesy of Coinage, Gellar talks about her transition into entrepreneurship with Foodstirs, the challenges presented by fame, and what’s on the horizon in her career.

“If you would've asked me four years ago if I thought I would be running a baking company, I definitely would've laughed pretty hard,” Gellar jokes. “Let’s see... I have no skill, no experience... yeah, sounds like the perfect job for me!”

Check out the video above to learn more about how Gellar slays in the business of baking.

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