Sarah Jessica Parker Paired Overalls With Sky-high Platform Heels

And it actually works.

With each day comes a new Sarah Jessica Parker look, especially in the era of And Just Like That ... Most days, the actress and her co-stars are spotted filming scenes from the Sex and the City reboot on the streets of New York City. And while her latest look is slightly confusing, we couldn't help but wonder: Does it actually work?

On Tuesday, Parker was photographed in Brooklyn filming a scene, where it appears she and her two co-stars Cynthia Nixon (who plays Miranda) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte) are getting ready to paint something. So, all three of them are in (mostly) appropriate attire for the job at hand. Parker wore cropped off-white overalls, which she paired with a faded purple jacket and a pink, polka-dot undershirt. She finished the look with puzzling, sky-high platform silver and gold metallic heels, which actually kind of worked with the otherwise utilitarian look.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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Nixon's outfit seemed more suited for the project, with a light blue and white button-down that she paired with a blue long-sleeve shirt, green khakis, and olive-colored sneakers. Davis wore a white coverall jumpsuit over a matching long-sleeve shirt and Superga sneakers. She completed the look with a forest-green sweatshirt tied around her waist.

Fans have been speculating and conspiring theories for months over the highly anticipated reunion, slated to premiere next month. Some followers even believe that Carrie Bradshaw's long-time love interest, Mr. Big (Chris North), died after photos of Parker filming in Paris have viewers wondering if she's scattering her late husband's ashes.

Regardless, HBO Max did sneak in a few quick clips from the upcoming show in a package during the 2021 Emmys, where Mr. Big is seen with Carrie. Only time will tell what's really going on here.

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