Sarah Jessica Parker Is Coming to Lifetime

We can't help but wonder if the world needs one more dating show.

Unsatisfied with starring in prestige dramas on premium cable, Sarah Jessica Parker is heading to Lifetime and executive produce a brand-new dating show called Swipe Swap, Deadline reports. The site adds that she's making the show in partnership with Love Island producer ITV America and that it'll be a "dating social experiment."

Sarah Jessica Parker
Newspix / Contributor

The premise of Swipe Swap involves taking two singles and having thems switch places and lifestyles. That means that they'll be living in each other's homes, visiting each other's favorite spots, and even meeting friends and family. The whole idea is to show that there's plenty out there and that, perhaps, each participant just isn't using their circles and cities to their full advantage. Parker isn't set to be on camera, Deadline adds, but the quirky premise seems like something straight out of a Carrie Bradshaw column, or like the time Carrie and Co. decamped to L.A., wore mismatched shoes, and bought knockoff Fendi baguettes. Only instead of getting into a mixup at the Playboy Mansion, the idea of Parker's new show is to find love — which was (sort of) the premise of Sex and the City, too.

Parker had intended on starring in a revival of Neil Simons's Plaza Suite on Broadway this year. However, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the performances (she is set to star alongside her husband, Matthew Broderick) to 2021. Before news of Swipe Swap, Parker had starred in three seasons of HBO's Divorce.

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