50% comfortable, 100% cool.

By Samantha Sutton
Jan 26, 2021 @ 5:38 pm
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Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw is still considered one of the most fashionable characters to ever grace our screens. While the show has been over for years (although a reboot is in the works), her tulle skirts, Manolo Blahnik heels, and questionable taste in purses continue to live on in minds.

Thankfully, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to love fashion just as much as her alter ego. On top of having her own footwear brand and nailing mask styling, she, too, doesn't shy away from quirky outfit combinations — and that's especially the case as of late.

It's a weird time for fashion: As we continue social distancing and staying home, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are still our go-tos. Yet, while Parker is also a fan of baggy pants, she isn't among the group of celebrities giving UGGs her stamp of approval. Rather, she tends to pair sweats and oversized jeans with slouchy, heeled boots, creating a unique look that's both laid-back and fancy at the same time.

We haven''t just spotted SJP pulling off this outfit one or two times, either. She's been sticking with this styling choice for months, and it seems to be her preferred uniform of sorts whenever she's working at her NYC shoe store. Take a look at her baggy pants and slouchy boots combination, ahead, then dare yourself to swap out your sneakers for a day and copy the look.

Sarah Jessica Parker Paired Dark Sweats With Black, Slouchy Boots

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She then worked some color into her look by layering a blue, short-sleeved sweater on top of a long-sleeved, black tee.

She's Tried the Same Combo With Classic Gray Sweats, Too

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These pants are no doubt a loungewear staple, but we typically style them with casual footwear. SJP has inspired us to get creative and go the opposite route next time.

Cargo Pants Seem Less Casual

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Heeled boots are one thing, but sparkly heeled boots? Those babies definitely took SJP's simple pants up a notch.

She's Also Nailed This Look With Oversized Jeans

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If the actress swapped out her sweatshirt for something ruffled or structured, she would be ready for a red carpet event or, at the very least, date night.